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Escape from Wandering Spirits Walkthrough

Escape from Wandering Spirits Walkthrough
Escape from Wandering Spirits Solution

Full walkthrough solution with detailed instructions on how to solve Escape from Wandering Spirits.  A point-and-click room escape game from 123bee.com.  Tips and hints provided with the guide.  This is a thrilled heart breaking game.  I saw an abandoned house.  Out of my curiosity I entered the residence.  When I entered inside, no one was there.  When I felt a little bit scared and ran towards the door.  Suddenly the door was locked with a blasted sound.  Then only I realized that the house was fully haunted.  Friends!  Please help me get away from this haunted house!   This guide will help you get out alive!

Escape from Wandering Spirits Walkthrough starts here:

You start in the guest bedroom

Open the cupboard and take the jar
Take the amulet from the corner of the bed
Take the magnesium stick from the top of the table next to the chained door.

Go right.

Take the shovel
Open the drawer and take the blade
Take an amulet from the top of the set of drawers
Lift the corner of the carpet then take the red stone.

Go right to the master bedroom

Take the jar
Take the amulet from the floor on the right
Zoom in on the wall clock and take the blue stone from it.
Take the golden key from the hook to the right of the curtain.

Go left
Use the key to open the box chest on the left.

Take the skull from inside the box
Zoom in on the skull and remove the 2 teeth

Go left to the guest bedroom
Zoom in on the cobble floor
Use the shovel to lift the loose panel

Take the green stone.

Go right, right, right... into the kitchen.

Take the jar.
Take the crowbar from the big table on the left (bottom right corner)
Zoom in on the red mark on the brick wall
Use the crowbar to open the brick

Take the yellow stone.

Zoom in on the green/orange jar
Add the amulet with the many stones.  (Hint: if you cannot add it, you are either adding the wrong amulet, or using the wrong jar)
Add the 2 teeth

Take the key from the amulet.

Go to the master bedroom
Zoom in on the box with 4 openings under the window
Add the 4 colored stones

Take the scroll and the diamond.

Go right to the kitchen
Zoom in on the black cupboard (or stove?)
Insert the diamond
It will open

Take the holy water vial.

Zoom in on the green/yellow jar
Add the golden amulet (hint: If you cannot add the amulet, then you are zooming in on the wrong jar)
Add the holy water vial
Click the water to throw it on the amulet
Take the key.

Zoom in on the white/green jar
Add the silver amulet (Hint: If you cannot add the amulet, then you are zooming into the wrong jar)
Add the blade
Add the magnesium stick
Add the scroll
Move the ashes
Take the key.

Now you have the 3 keys.

Go all the way left to the guest bedroom where you started.
Zoom in on the chained door

Use the keys on the locks
(Hint: try each key on each lock.  There is only 1 right combination)
One all 3 locks are removed...
The doors will open!

Well done on a great escape
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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