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Samsara Room Walkthrough

Samsara Room Walkthrough
Samsara Room Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to escape the Samsara Room.   This is a point-and-click room escape game from Abroy.Com.  This guide will help you escape alive... with tips, hints, and detailed explanations on how to solve all he puzzles.

Samsara Room Walkthrough Starts Here:

I woke up an a room I have never seen before...
You start at the grandfather clock

Take the tea light  from the base of the clock.

Go left

Take the tea light  from under the set of drawers
Take the fish from the top drawer
Take the box of matches from the 2nd from the top drawer.
Take the Stanley Knife from the middle drawer
Take a pencil from the bottom left drawer

Straighten the piece of paper on the of the drawers
Use the pencil to draw a key
Fold the paper then open it again
Take the bronze key

Go left to the telephone room

Take the tea light  from the floor at the little table
Take the tea light  from the mirror
Open the carpet using the knife
Roll the carpet further and you will see a picture
You will use this picture to take to to another dimension.   We will visit it often!

Go left.

Take the tea light from the top of the window

Go right.

Zoom in on the floor on the picture
Place the 5 tea lights on the picture
Put the fish in the center
Light the 5 candles

Go left to the window

Use the key to unlock the lock on the window
Open the window
Use the knife to cut the picture
Take the paper off

Open the hole, then enter

Because of the fish in the center, you are now under water room.  :-)

Lift the telephone and it will tell you: 20 past 6
Move the table then take the shell

Go left
Take the shell
Move the clock to take another shell

Go left
Take the shell
Move the set of drawers
Take a shell and a cup

Go left

Open up the carpet and placed all 5 shells on the drawing

Go left
Climb through the hole back

Go right to the grandfather clock

Adjust the clock to 20 past 6
Open the door

Click the statue until it falls out

Go left to the window
Capture the gecko in the cup

Enter the hole

Zoom in on the drawing
Place the gecko in the cup in the center

Go to the window and climb in the hole

Now you will be in the upside-down room (because of the gecko)

Click the telephone to get the message: ice, fire, fire, fire, ice, fire, ice, fire...
Take a candle from the mirror

Go left

Go left all around and collect more candles.  You need 3 candles.

When you have the 3, go to the room with the chandelier
Add the 3 candles
Light the candles using the matches as per the telephone message.  For ice, light it twice so it turns blue.

Go out and come back.
Take the Caterpillar. (If you do not see it, climb in the hole and do a round trip back here)

Climb in the hole.

Replace the fish with the caterpillar
Climb in the hole

You are now low down on the ground

Go left till you get to the statue that fell out the clock
Zoom in on him

Enter his mouth...
When you get to the forest, click the 2 fire balls.

Go forward and click the 2 fire balls again

Go forward to the cube:

Hint: If you do not see the 5 fireballs around the cube, then go back 1 or 2 screens and click the missing fire ball(s)

Open the cube
Take the egg

Go all the way back and enter the hole

Replace the caterpillar with the egg

Enter the hole

Use the phone to get the message "the time? clock window: cabinet mirror"
See the number 5 on the mirror
Go left to see number 2 on the cabinet
Go left to see number 0 on the clock
Go left to see number 8 on the window

Go right to the clock
Adjust the time to 08:25
Open the door

Take the key

Go to the window

Unlock with the golden key
Open the window

Click the picture to seal it in the cube
You will feel enlightened
Click the box...

The end!

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough


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  2. Wow. This game is more than just a game, it's a journey to enlightenment. I get it now. They put those words at the end to represent what we feel when we win a game. Enlightened.

  3. how do i open the hole behind the false window??

  4. wow this was an amazing game thx for the help