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Dooors Walkthrough levels 76 to 80

Dooors Walkthrough levels 76 to 80

Dooor 76 Walkthrough

The drone at the top will drop green pyramids.  Your task is to make it hit the target at the bottom (the white circle with the red outer circle).  You do this by tilting your device when a pyramid drops.
Once the target is hit, pick up the green pyramid.
Now place it in the middle of the second from right column, as per the picture above the door.
Now you can open the door and level 76 will be solved!

Dooor 77 Walkthrough.

Use the gun and shoot the light in the center.
This will emit a light in the form of a star
Make this same star shape using the 4 squares next to the door.  Note that there are star-shapes that are almost right but not quite!  Here is the correct solution:

Dooor 78 Walkthrough

You have 2 color wheels.
Look at the 4 white squares and 3 color circles between them.  TO get those colors, the white squares from left to right will be blue, red, yellow, dark green.  (blue + red = purple, red + yellow = orange, yellow + dark green = light green)

Now, count the colors in the color wheels:
Blue = 6, red = 2, yellow = 3, green = 5.
Adjust the stones from left to right to be 6 high, then 2, 3, 5
Open the door and level 78 is solved!

Dooor 79 Walkthrough

Drag the left bar down to make it green.
Turn your device upside-down then drag the other bar down to be also green.
Now the top will start throwing green and red balls down.

Use your gun and shoot only the green balls.
You need to shoot 10 to solve level 79.

Dooor 80 Walkthrough

Use the hammer and smash the lock
Drag the 2 sides of the gate open
Use the 2 buttons to change the circles.
The top should read:
Published in December 2011"

You have solved all the doors from Dooors 1.
Thank you for using my walkthrough.  Hope it brought you much joy.
If you need more help on any of the dooors, please use the comment section below.
Have a happy day!

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