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Escape from the Earth Walkthrough

Escape from the Earth Walkthrough
Escape from the Earth Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to solve Escape from the Earth.  A room-escape game.  This guide will give you everything you need, including tips, tricks, detailed explanations, and help to all the puzzles.

About Escape from the Earth:  The 481st escape game from 123bee.com. One of the devastating secrets revolves around the Mysterious Mayans is the relationship with the Aliens. A group of archaeologist still believes that Mayans have their own space ship. Mr. Andrew, who has collect evidences of spaceship existence, has died. The mystery is forbidden. His grandchild, who restored the research, came to know about the end of the world. He decided to escape from the earth using the space ship. Help him out to escape from the apocalyptic earth!!

Escape from the Earth Walkthrough starts here:

You start outside the Mayan building.

Look on the ground on the right-hand side.  Pick up the paint brush.
Zoom in on the dirt on the left and use the paintbrush to clear.

Pick up the dollar coin.

Go right.

Enter the caravan

Take a tile from the bed.
Take the briefcase from the table
Take the key from the wall
Open the drawer under the bed using the key.  Take the dollar book from the drawer.
Exit the caravan

Pick up the shovel
Zoom in on the right-most pillar and solve the sliding puzzle.
The puzzle is a picture of a snake:

Insert the missing tile
Take the dollar coin.

Open the dollar book and turn the pages.
Turn until you see this page:

Close the book
Then zoom in on this mummy covered with rocks as per the top foto in the book
Use the shovel to clear the rocks

Take the amlet.

Zoom in on the amlet then take the key.
Zoom in on the briefcase and use the amlet key to open.

Take a bone, lens and a scroll from inside the briefcase.

Zoom ion on the bone.
Use the lens
You will see the code 285

Go right

Take the crowbar rod lying against the right-most pillar.
Take the hammer  from the ground in the center

Go left and left to where you started.
Zoom in on the marble ball almost in the center
Use the rod and the hammer to open

Take the 3 dollar coin.

Go right, and right
Zoom in on the man-statue bottom left.
Insert the 3 dollar coins.

Take the big dollar book.

Go left, left
Enter the building by following the green arrow.

Read the scroll to see the code symbols and their corresponding numbers.

Notice the symbols for the numbers 2 8 5

Zoom in on the top of the table.
Solve the puzzle using the code 285 with their symbols.  You need to rotate each circle.  2 is on the outside.
When you have the code right, it will open:

Take the shakra key and the eye.

Zoom out, then zoom in on the skull
Insert his left eye... and the secret compartment will open.

Go down

Zoom in on the big dollar book
Insert the shakra key
Turn the key

Take the blue ball.

Zoom in on the glowing mummy sarcophagus
Insert the blue ball

An electric lightning strike will hit the earth!
And you will escape.

Well done on a great escape
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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