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Model House Escape Walkthrough

Model House Escape Walkthrough
Model House Escape Solution

Here is the full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to solve the model house escape point-and-click room escape game.  Tips and hints with detailed explanations provided.
Model House Escape is the 482nd escape game from 123bee.com. When I decided to buy a new house, I took the guidance of the retailer. He took me to a model house which is away from the city. When I enter the house, a big slam at the back of me, the door gets locked automatically. Help me to escape from this model house before something happens miserably…

Model House Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

You start in the twin-bed bedroom

Open the bottom drawer to take the driller
Take the knife from the bed on the right
Open the locker with the puzzle.  The puzzle is easy to solve.  You need to build a continuous line from the green to the red light.

Take the golden piece from inside.

Go right to the brown-yellow bedroom

Zoom in on the teddy on the floor.
Unzip the heart and take the battery
Open the violin case on the bed, then take the pliers
Open the brown compartment above the bed, then take the box and paper.

Go right to the brown-peach bedroom

Open the cupboard above the bed and take the stone
Open the top drawer on the left.   The puzzle is simple.  Notice the square in the center.  Turn each circle so that the square (in pink quadrant) points to the center.

Take the yellow piece.

Go right to the kitchen

Open the cupboard on the right at the bottom and take the red wire
Open the drawer just left of the stove, then take the handle and metal drill bit.
Zoom in on the drill and add the drill bit.  Take the drill
Open the top left-ish cupboard and take another stone.
Open the top right-ish cupboard and take the tongs hammer.
Open the drawer on the left and take the magnesium stick.

Zoom in on the stove
Add the magnesium stick on the left plate
Use the knife on the magnesium to make a spark
Add the paper to see the code 258:

Go left to the peach-brown bedroom.
Zoom in on the drawer to the right of the bed.
Insert the 2 stones
The drawer will open

Take the orange piece

Go left, left to the 2-bed bedroom.

Zoom in on the hanging-frame
Use the tongs hammer to take the nail out
Take the nail

Zoom in on the briefcase on the bed
Open the briefcase with the code 258
Take the black piece from inside.

Zoom in on the red wire then use the pliers to cut a piece off. Take the piece.

Zoom in on the battery
Add the nail
Add the red wire
Now you will have an electron magnet:

Take the magnet.

Zoom in on the box in your inventory.
Use the drill on it
Use the magnet on it.

Take the piece from the magnet

Zoom in on the red handle
Add the small metal piece
Now you have a screwdriver.  Take the screwdriver.

Zoom in on the black piece.  Add the other pieces.

Take the key.

Go to the brown-yellow bedroom
Zoom in on the picture with the 2 eyes.
Use the screwdriver to remove the screws in the corner
Use the key on the star-hole

Take the boss paper
Read the paper to see the word BOSS.

Zoom in on the top part of the white door.
You will see the letters BOSS and 8055 as the mirror image

Open the door with the code 8055.
(Hint: if it does not open you either did not look at the paper with the word BOSS or you did not look at the top-part of the door with the mirror image)

Well done on a great escape
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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