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Escape Before U Die Walkthrough

Escape Before 'U' Die Walkthrough
Escape Before You Die Walkthrough Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to solve Escape Before U Die.  The solution includes tips and tricks with detailed explanations to the puzzles.   This guide will help you escape off the ship... alive!

About Escape Before You Die:  The 476th escape game from 123bee.com. Hi Buddies, Are you fed-up with your routine work?? Come on!!! Here is our thrilling escape game, just to energize you.. Here is a teenage girl, who was kidnapped by some kidnappers for the sake of Money.. And they abducted her in a ship which contains BOMB!!!!!! Now the girl really needs your help to rescue from that ship.. Have a breathtaking Escape!!!!!!!!

Escape Before U Die Walkthrough Starts Here:

You start inside the cabin

Take the book from the center table
Zoom in on the aquarium tank then take the icon.
Zoom in on the frame on the wall next to the door, then take the photo
Take the ashtray from the top right table

Zoom in on the ash tray, turn it around, take the icon

Go right to the dining room

Open the cupboard on the left.  Take the photo

Zoom in on the drawer with the sea horse symbol
Make a symbol of the "Z" on the 3x3 dots.  (top row, bottom row, and center dot)
The drawer will open

Take the icon

Just above the drawer is a grey area.  Zoom in on it.

Remove the tape on both sides
Then take the icon.

Go right to the bedroom

Open the drawer at the top-right corner of the bed.  Take the screwdriver.
Open the drawer on the left. Take the box
Open the box by turning the knob until you see an anchor

Take the scissors

Zoom in on the aquarium above the bed.  Take the icon in the corner.
Zoom in on the frame on the wall, take the photo.

Zoom in on the white framed newspaper extract
Notice the 17:

Zoom in on the book in your inventory
Use the scissors to cut out the photo.  Take the photo.

Zoom in on a photo then add the other 3.
The photo will turn around and give you the order of the icons:

Top: Puffer fish
Left: Jelly fish then sea horse
Right: Crab then eel fish

Go left then left again to the cabin where you started
Zoom in on the locker with the fish
Open with the code 17 - as per the newspaper article

Take the wheel.

Zoom in on the wheel
Add the icons (they will go to their right location)

Take the wheel with icons.

Zoom in on the Captain's door
Add the wheel
The door will open


Take the binoculars on the left.
Take the golden key hanging on the right wall
Open the locker underneath the wheel using the golden key
Take the box. Open the box to get the cutter.

Zoom in on the left window
Use the binoculars to see

Notice the direction and size of the fish:
up fat, up thin, right fat , down fat, left fat

Zoom in on the keypad at the door
Adjust the fish as per the directions and sizes you saw:

The door will open

Take the ID card.

Zoom in on the controls
Add the ID card

Now you have 30 seconds to defuse the bomb!

Open the top panel with the screwdriver
Use the pliers to cut the wires on the bomb

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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