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The Rise Walkthrough Level 11 to 20

The Rise Walkthrough Levels 11 to 20
The Rise Solution Levels 11 to 20

Walkthrough Solution for The Rise Levels 1 to 10 can be found here.
Walkthrough Solution for The Rise Levels 21 to 30 can be found here.
For levels 11 to 20 walkthrough, read on!

Full walkthrough solution to solve the levels of The Rise!  Detailed explanations to all the puzzles!
You can play the free online flash version here.  The Rise is a point-and-click room escape game from Abroy.com

The Rise Walkthrough Level 11 walkthrough:

There are 8 white buttons on the wall.
Each button will change the state of some of the lights on the door.
Your job is to turn all of them green...

The trick here is to click the 4 white squares closest to the door... (both rows of columns 2 and 3)
Click the door to move to level 12.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 12 walkthrough:

Click the monitors on the left and you will see the sequence:
But, they appear as a mirror image.  So the code is backwards, therefore 53787.

Use the keypad on the wall with the code 53787 to open the door.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 13 walkthrough:

You will see a 6x on the wall... So pull the light chain 6 times.
Now solve the green-grid puzzle.
The solution is to make the same shape as per the green square on the panel.

Make this shape:

Click the door to exit.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 14 walkthrough:

Click each of the space ships x number of times, where x is the number above it.
So, tap the 1st one 7 times, 2nd one 1 time, 3rd one 5 times, etc.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 15 walkthrough:

On the wall:
R - 2 = P
I + 3 = L
S + 8 =A
E - 6 = Y
This gives you 7 (for P), 5 (for L), 2 (for A), 9 (for Y)

So, on the keypad, enter 7529

The Rise Walkthrough Level 16 walkthrough:

Tap the hot- and cold water taps in the correct sequence to solve this bathroom level.

This tiles hint is a mirror image from top-bottom and left-right.
You need to click the correct colors for the 4 black tiles.  
The order is from top to bottom, left to right.

Solution: Blue, Red, Red, Blue

The Rise Walkthrough Level 17 walkthrough:

To solve (or win!) level 17, you need to type GRANDMA on the keypad.
4726362  then enter.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 18 walkthrough:

Hints: 180 degrees = 6 and 360 degrees = 12
Adjust the clock so that hour hand = 270 degrees = 9
and minute hand = 150 degrees = 5.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 19 walkthrough:

Pull the cables out to the displays.
You will see the following grid:

Make this same patter on the green dotted grid:

Exit the door to solve level 19.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 20 walkthrough:

There are 3 clues:
Clue 1:  The yellow has a star
Clue 2: Black
Clue 3: Red (the handle of the tool is red)

Pick up the tool.
Use the tool on the panel left of the red light.
Connect the 3 wires as per the clues:  yellow, black, red

Door will open.
Level 20 solved!

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