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Mental Hospital Escape Walkthrough

Mental Hospital Escape Walkthrough
Mental Hospital Escape Solution

Complete step-by-step walkthrough solution to help you solve this wonderful point-and-click room escape game.  You can play the game here.  A game by Abroy.Com.  You need to help the crazy guy to escape the mental hospital before the midnight because there will be even more monsters and dragons flying around afterwards...

Walkthrough starts here:

You start in your "cell".

Take the pictures from the wall
Take the mirror above the sink
Throw the papers in the toilet then flush to spill some water.
Use the mirror on the monster and he will be gone.

Hide under the bed.
The guard nurse will come in and slip...

You will walk to the next room.

Take the broom.
Use the broom to get the skipping rope above the closet
Tie the skipping rope to the stand
Take the bucket.

Use the bucket on the nurse
He will slip over the rope

Pick up the golden key... and off you go to the next room!

Take the satellite dish
Take the metal crow bar
Take the top of the chimney

Click on the pipe
The dish, crowbar and chimney pieces will protect you from the dragon

Take the red brick
Use the brick to smash the window and off you go inside!

Pick up 2 wheels
Take the crowbar
Take the torch light from the closet
Take the battery bottom left corner.  The system will put it in the torch for you
Use the torch on the bat.  It will fly away from the light.

Use the trolley lift twice to add the 2 wheels
Move the trolley to the safe
Open the safe...
Hint:  Click the inner-, middle-, and outer dial to rotate into the correct position.  The white arrow goes green when correct.
With he safe open, move the trolley... and you go to the next room!

Take the hacksaw and the screwdriver
Open the first aid kit and take the pills
Take the iron harpoon from the display
Open the electricity box using the screwdriver
Switch off the power by pulling the red lever.

Click the red button on the table at the CCTV TV's
You will use the harpoon pole to reach and cover it.
Switch the power back on
Use the hacksaw to cut a piece of pipe on the very left
Use the glass on the table at the CCTV TV's... You will use the pipe to put some pills in the glass.
Switch the power on
The guard will drink and take the sleeping pills.  Now we move to the next room!

Take the skeleton arm
Take the pills from the cupboard
Take the wanted poster
Take the skateboard from under the chairs
Close the window... the monster will be blown away

Take the powder from the cupboard
Use the folded-airplane-with-powder on the vent
Go to the exit!  The Skateboard will get you out of the room in no time!

Now you are in the bats room

You need to get all 9 bats in the door.
Each bat has a specific location.  You need to add them from top to bottom in the form of the Z.
When all are in, the doors will open

And you will walk outside

Take the rope at the base of the tree
Take the water pistol 
Take the bug under the bench
Take the bolt cutter
Use the water puddle to fill the water pistol

Use the bench.
The bat will take the bug connected by the rope, to lift the right side of the bench.
Use the dragon.  He will fly to the tree.
Use the monster.  He will climb up and cut the fence with the bolt cutter
Use the dragon.  You will shoot him with the water pistol.
You will jump over the wall and escape!

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough for the mental hospital escape!

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