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Escape from the Brown World level 21 to 30 Walkthrough

Escape from the Brown World Walkthrough
Escape from the Brown World Solution

Walkthrough for level 21 to 30 
Follow this link for the walkthrough to the previous levels.

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions, detailed explanations, and screen-prints that will guide you through the Brown World.   If you are stuck, or need help, or became frustrated with this game, then this is the guide you need!

Escape from the Brown World level 21 Walkthrough

Take the 3 red arrows from the cupboard on the bottom right.
Take a look at the dartboard inside the top left cupboard.  It shows 3 red dots where you need to throw the darts.
Take a dart and throw at the dartboard on the door, at the position of a red dot.  Repeat with the other 2 darts.
This is the solution:

If correct, the door will open.  Level 21 solved!

Escape from the Brown World level 22 Walkthrough

Take weights from the sack on the left and add it to the hanging containers.  You need 12 in each.
Once all the containers have 12 inside, pull the curtains up by pulling the cord on the very right.
Open the door to solve level 22

Escape from the Brown World level 23 Walkthrough

Take the #1 pin from the top right cupboard.
Take the #2 pin from the top drawer on the right.
Take the #3 pin from the top drawer on the left.
Take the #4 pin from the bottom drawer on the left.

Insert the 4 pins on top of the set of drawers on the right.  Order should be 1 2 3 4
Adjust the 4 dials on the door to face the same direction as the 4 flags

Top left should point top left (#1)
Top right should point top right (#2)
Bottom left should point bottom right (#3)
Bottom right should point bottom left (#4)

Door will open and level 23 will be solved!

Escape from the Brown World level 24 Walkthrough

Zoom in on the rotating puzzle on the desk on the very left.
Rotate the circles to make the picture of the buck:

The secret compartment will open and you can take the pulley disk.
Take the golden rope from the top of the desk
Take a weight from the cupboard on the right.

Add the pulley-disk to the rope hanging from the ceiling top left.
Add the rope to the pulley
Add the weight to the left end of the rope

Pull the weight down to open the door and solve level 24

Escape from the Brown World level 25 Walkthrough

Pick up 5 pieces of broken pot - the dark grey pieces on the floor.
Take the glue from the top left cupboard

Zoom in on a piece of broken pot.  If you cannot zoom in, try the next piece.
Then add all the pieces to complete the vase.  If you cannot add a piece, try another then come back later to that piece.
Once you have assembled the vase, use the glue to glue pieces in place.

Look at the picture of the flower on the vase
Zoom in on the blue pattern on the door and change the petals to match the flower on the vase. (Hint: Remember to also change the center circle)

If you are correct, the door will open and level 25 is solved.

Escape from the Brown World level 26 Walkthrough

Look at the colors of the pots on the shelf, in order from big to small.
Click on the desk and change the 4 colors to match this.

The shelf full of bottles will move to the right if you are correct.
Open the door and level 26 is solved.

Escape from the Brown World level 27 Walkthrough

Take the scissors and battery from the top left cupboard
Take the red-and-green wires from the top drawer
Take a screw from the middle drawer
Use the scissors to cut the rope connected to the balloon.  You will now have a piece of string.

Zoom in on the battery
Add the red-and-green wires
Add the string
Add the screw to make an electron magnet

Use the electron magnet on the spider cage to retrieve the key safely

Take the key and unlock the door to escape level 27.

Escape from the Brown World level 28 Walkthrough

Take the axe from the bottom right cupboard
Use the metal detector on the crates, you will notice something metal in the 2nd from right crate.
Use the axe on this crate and you will get the key.
Unlock the door using this key and level 28 solved.

Escape from the Brown World level 29 Walkthrough

Take 2 papers from the top right cupboard
Take a paper from behind the vase on the set of drawers
Take a piece of paper from each of the 3 drawers

Pull the string on the blinds to open.  (Will show a board)
Now use 2 matching papers by placing the 2 matching papers on the machine on the bottom left.
Press the button.   If you press the button and see a number, then the 2 pieces match.  If nothing happens take another piece.  The top-part of a number goes left and the bottom part goes right.

You should get the number 3, 7, 8

Open the door with the code 378 and level 29 will be solved.

Escape from the Brown World level 30 Walkthrough

Zoom in on the puzzle on the right.
You meed to move the 5 buttons to the correct location, as indicated by the same color pin around the edge.

Hint: Try to get them in the right order, then rotate the lot into position.
As you click a button it will move to the empty location next to, or opposite it.  If there are no opening next to or opposite the button, then nothing will move.

Here is a possible solution.  There might be better/quicker ways:
Blue, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green.

When solved, take the key in the center.
Use the key to solve level 30.

Well done!  Congratulations on escaping the brown world!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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