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Dark Submarine Escape Walkthrough Levels 1 to 10

Dark Submarine Escape Walkthrough for levels 1 to 10
Dark Submarine Escape Solution for levels 1 to 10

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to solve the room-escape-game Dark Submarine.  A game from Abroy.com.    This guide will provide the complete solution including tips, tricks and detailed explanations to solve the puzzles.  If you are stuck the read on!

For Dark Submarine Walkthrough  stages 11 to 20 go here.

Dark Submarine Escape Walkthrough starts here:

Stage 1 Walkthrough:

Click on the door to open, then climb in!  Level 1 solved.

Stage 2 Walkthrough:

Pick up the door wheel, use it on the door, turn the wheel
Enter the door.

Stage 3 Walkthrough:

Zoom in on each pipe and turn all the red switches to lay flat (left to right).
A ladder will appear
Climb the ladder

Stage 4 Walkthrough:

Drag the skirting to the left (the bottom of the wall where it connects to the floor)
Take the key on the right.
Use the key on the lock
Enter the door to solve level 4

Stage 5 Walkthrough:

Turn the T-piece of the pipe to point down.
The key will fall out.
Pick up the key and use it to unlock the door

Stage 6 Walkthrough:

Turn the red switches to all point left-to-right
Turn the 1st and second one... the others will turn together

Stage 7 Walkthrough:

Press the buttons on the left in the order of the colored wires on the right:
Red, violet, yellow, blue, green.
The cabinet will open and you can get the key.
Use the key to unlock to open the door

Stage 8 Walkthrough:

Press the 2 red buttons in quick succession to open the door.  Hint: I found it was easier to first click the right side.  You need to click the other side while the wheel is still spinning.

Stage 9 Walkthrough:

Zoom in on the puzzle
Rotate the pieces to make the picture of a submarine

The door will open

Stage 10 Walkthrough:

Pick up the note.  It shows "5 seconds"
Press the black button and hold for 5 seconds.  The door will open.

Dark Submarine Walkthrough for stages 11 to 20 continues here.

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