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Voodoo Escape Walkthrough

Voodoo Escape Walkthrough
Voodoo Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to solve this game.  A typical point-and-click room escape game.  I will provide you with tips, hints, and detailed explanations to help you solve all the puzzles.  If you are stuck, then you arrived at the correct page!

About Voodoo Escape: The 483rd escape game from 123bee.com. An evil voodoo priestess decided to test his powerful voodoo spell. He selected an innocent family and whispers the most dangerous voodoo spell on them. Show pity on them, save the family from the pathetic situation. Be a Legendary Voodoo Curse Breaker!!

Voodoo Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

You start in the lounge at the fire place.

Zoom in on the flower vase and take all the green leaves.
Zoom in next to the fire on the candles.  Take the 3 candles.
Take the bottle above the drawers.
Zoom in on the lower right corner of the carpet, Lift the corner then take the stone.
Open the top drawer on the right and take the box.
Zoom in on the box.  Open the secret compartment on the left.  Take the key then use this key to open the box lock.  Take the bronze coin.

Go right to the guest bedroom

Take the teddy bear on the couch
Take the blue jar on the floor next to the couch.
Zoom in on the teddy, unzip the heart, then take the golden coin.
Open the pink handbag on the bed, then take the ring.
Zoom in on the pillows on the bed, then take the key
Zoom in on the table at the far end, then take the black box
Zoom in on the black box, then take the bronze coin next to the very expensive watch.

Go right to the brown-and-green room

Take the sack from under the sink
Take the scroll from the book case.

Read the scroll.
Zoom in on the cupboard door and rotate the numbers so that numbers 1 to 9 are in the same order as the scroll:

Take the backpack inside
Open the backpack, then shake it to take the contents out.  Take the matchsticks

Zoom in on the puzzle on the right-hand-side of the far corner
To solve this one, take items from the bottom,  and place it where it connects 3 of the same.
When you are done, the door will open

Move the clothes out of the way, then take the bronze coin from the blue pocket.

Go right to the attic

Take the hammer from the table
Take the brown box on the floor
Take the 2 candles.  Now you have 5.

Zoom in on the big brown box in your inventory.
Insert the 3 bronze coins to get it to open

Take the voodoo dolls

Take the book
Open the book and read about black magic

Fire:  Ring + Fire Place.  At the top left.
Water: Dollar + Holy Water Vial.  At the bottom left.
Air: Leaves + Magic Powder.  Bottom right.
Sky: Jar + Ashpowder.  Top right.
Earth: Stone + Hammer.  Top.

Go all the way left.
Zoom in on the fire place.
Throw the ring in the fire.
Take the FIRE coin.

Zoom in on the gold coin
Add the key
Take the WATER coin.

Zoom in on the sack
Add the leaves
Take the AIR coin.

Zoom in on the jar
Take the top off
Add the bottle with white stuff
Take the SKY coin.

Zoom in on the stone
Smash the stone with the hammer
Take the EARTH coin.

Go right all the way to the attic
Zoom in on the pentagon
Add the 5 candles
Add the voodoo dolls
Add the 5 coins.  Hint: You need to place them at their right location, in the right order.

Use the match sticks to light

Well done on a great escape!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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