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Escape the Freezer Walkthrough

Escape 5: The Freezer Walkthrough
Escape 5: The Freezer Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to get out of the freezer alive.  Do not attempt this at home.  This is only a game.  Many people have died inside a freezer.  This is a game by Afro-Ninja.  Created by Shawn Tanner.   Escape before you die of hypothermia.  You can play the game here from addictinggames.com.

This is a very good escape game.  Medium difficulty.  It should take you between 20 minutes and 1 hour to solve.

Escape the freezer walkthrough starts here.

Read the note on Hypothermia on the wall:
Mild = 35, Extreme = 20.

Go left

Take the blue jumper to the left of the ice block.

Read the note on the wall.

"Phil - use the jumpers to connect the two circuits at the red contact points. You will need three if you want the fan working again -Dave".

Go left

Take the bottle of ethanol.
Take the beaker.
Take a blue jumper from the top left corner at the sacks.

Go down.
Take the brass and silver keys.
Go up.

Go left

Take the blue rag.
Tale the blue jumper hidden between the boxes.
Zoom in on the calculator
"Add the mild to the extreme if you know what I mean just watch out for frostbite and convert to Fahrenheit"

That will be 35 + 20 = 55 degrees Celsius.  Converted to Fahrenheit = 131
Type 131 enter
Take the screwdriver

Go right
Zoom in on the vent
Use the screwdriver to remove the screws.
Take the U97 Report.

Read the report.

The important part:  Combine Ethanol with Zinc.

Go right.
Zoom in on the right panel
Use the screwdriver to remove the 2 screws
On the circuit board, place the 3 jumpers so that the fan can get power.  Follow the lines from the fan back and place the 3 jumpers where the circuit needs it.
This is the solution:

Switch on and you will get the message "the fan is now on"

Take the electric wire from the fan on the right.

Add some ethanol in the beaker
Add the brass key.
Now you have compound U97.

Combine the rag and the ethanol bottle to make a flammable rag.

Hang the flammable rag on the hook.

Go right.
Switch off the light.
Go up

Use the screwdriver to remove the screws.
Connect the electrical wire

Switch the light back on.
Go left.
Touch the rag with the electric wire.
It wills start a fire.  If not -- Did you add ethanol to the rag?  Is the lights on?

Zoom in on the EcoFrost Cooling System Thermostat
Change the thermo to Chilled. Then Apply Change

Now you can take the Key Card from the melting ice block.

Go to the front door where you started.
Use the key card on the door.

Take the thermal suit.

Go back to the EcFrost Cooling System Thermostat.
Change the temperature to Sub-Zero and apply the change.
The beaker with U97 will turn green!

Go down.
Use the beaker with green U97 on the latches.

Well done!

You escaped.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


  1. I Cannot Get The Stupid Wire To Spark The Flammable Rag!!!!!!!!

    1. 1. Did you switch the light off, connected the wire, then switched the light on again?
      2. Did you add the ethanol to the rag?

    2. I cant play the gamae

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