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Dark Submarine Escape Walkthrough Levels 11 to 20

Dark Submarine Escape Walkthrough for levels 11 to 20
Dark Submarine Escape Solution for levels 11 to 20

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to solve the room-escape-game Dark Submarine.  A game from Abroy.com.    This guide will provide the complete solution including tips, tricks and detailed explanations to solve the puzzles.  If you are stuck the read on!

The walkthrough for levels 1 to 10 can be found here.

Dark Submarine Escape Walkthrough starts here:

Stage 11 Walkthrough:

The door is hidden... it is the center panel.  Hint: your mouse cursor will change when you are on the "door" panel.
Lift (drag) the door up from bottom to top.
The door will open and you can exit level 11.

Stage 12 Walkthrough:

On the bottom left is a laser gun.  Adjust it so that it points to the lock.
Press the button to the right of the door to shoot.
If you shoot the lock, the door will open.

Stage 13 Walkthrough:

(So far this is the most difficult puzzle on the Dark Submarine)
Count the spokes on each wheel: 2, 3, 8, 4
Now tap these numbers on the dots on the door:
Hint: the dots = 
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9 

Press 2 3 8 4 and the door will open: Dark Submarine Stage 13 Solved.  phew!

Stage 14 Walkthrough:
A picture of a submarine!

Click all the grey areas.  
When you are done with the body the periscope will come out with 2 more grey areas.
Now click them as well and the door will open.

Stage 15 Walkthrough:

Click the ladder until a piece breaks off.
Pick up the broken piece.
Use the piece on the fan to stop it.
Pick up the key inside the fan
Use the key to open the door.

Stage 16 Walkthrough:

Click the light on the right and a screwdriver will fall out.
Pick up the screwdriver and use it to remove the screws around the door.
Turn the wheel to open the door.

Stage 17 Walkthrough:

Swing the left missile to see II IV
Swing the right missile to see VII I
Use the keypad on the door and type this Roman Numerals converted to decimal: 2 4 7 1
Door will open

Stage 18 Walkthrough:

Look at the light on the right.  It will flicker out a code:  2 3 5 1
Use the keypad and exit with 2351.

Stage 19 Walkthrough:

Take the note: 8-4
Pull down the periscope.  Adjust the top dials so that left points to 8 and right points to 4.
Look through the eyepiece
You will see this pattern:

Adjust the black/orange lights on the boxes on the left according to this pattern.
Door will open if you have it right.

Stage 20 Walkthrough:

Count the number of "legs" on each branch in the center.
You will get 3 4 and 1 2
Tap the 4 lights in this order: 3rd, 4th, 1st, 2nd.
Door will open.

Hope you enjoyed the walkthrough for Dark Submarine stage 11 to 20!

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