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Deeper Sleep Walkthrough... Part 1

Deeper Sleep Walkthrough Part 1
Deeper Sleep Solution Part 1

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions and screen prints on how to complete the Deeper Sleep game.  This guide will provide you with help, tips, tricks, and detailed explanations.

About Deeper Sleep:  Deeper Sleep is a point and click room escape game.  You need to find a way out of the nightmare reality you have accidentally stumbled into before scary monsters from the netherworld claim your soul. You can play the flasharcade free version here.

Deeper Sleep Part 1 Walkthrough starts here:

You start at the front door with the big bookcase.

Nothing to do here for now, so go left.

Go left again.

The book you need about lucid dreaming not here...

Go right, then forward

Take the piece of paper.
The note reads: "As long as you don't know you are dreaming, you are safe..."

Click the bookcase and it will turn to dust.

Go back, then left.

Take the green book from the table.

Go right, and right.

Where used to be the exit door is now a book-case.
Insert the green book in the opening around the center of the book case where a book is missing.
This will open the secret door:


Take the batteries from the table
Take the piece of paper from the bottom left shelf of the bookcase.  This note reads "have existed since human race."

Go right.

The door is locked.
Go right to the elevator.

Need power...
Go right.

Go down stairs.

Take the room key from the board on the wall.

Go back up (bottom left door)
Go left (elevator) then left again.
Use the room key to unlock the door.
Open the door and enter.

I have no idea what you need to do here.  Just beds and names.

Exit the bedroom, go right and right, downstairs.
Enter the top left room.

Go right

Zoom in on the left bars
When you talk to the person, use all the options.
Eventually you will get a scrap of paper.  "Commonly known as the Shadow People,"

Go right

Take a piece of paper at the right side of the right bars.  "I first encountered this the early 80's, but"

Go right.

Take the flashlight.
Insert the batteries into the flashlight.

Go left, left, left.  Up stairs.

Up again, then right.

Use the flashlight in the room and locate the door on the right.  Go right.

Use the flashlight in the new room and find:
A piece of paper: "which sometimes happens during comas,"
A pointer (looks like a white piece of pipe)
The code 5035 on the wall (your code cold be different)

Go left, left, then downstairs

Enter the top right room

Use the pointer on the golden key.  The key will fall down the hole.
Use the flashlight to "see" the key.

Exit this room
Take the top left room.
Go right, right.

Pick up the golden key.
Go right to the elevator.
Use the keypad and enter the code 5035 (your code cold be different)

Press the elevator handle a few times to open the doors.

Use your flashlight.
Climb up.
Take the piece of paper. "by possessing bodies"

Climb up.
Go forward.
Go through the door.
Go right.

You are now in the toy room.
Take the toy tiger, a needle,  a piece of paper "phenomenon in it would seem They the down of the"

Go left.
Down, down, down, down, down.
Left, left, left
Up stairs

Enter the bottom right door (Bert's Poster Room)

Use the golden key to unlock the door on the right.

Go right, then use the flashlight to see.

Go right.
Take the piece of paper "have existed since human race".
Go forward
Go forward

Take the thread from the scarecrow
Use the thread on the needle

Go back down, down, down
Go right, right, right
Take the note from the tree "Night Folk, or in the realm of dreams"

Go right and you will be at the mill

Enter the door

Take the bag with a hole
Use the needle & thread on the bag with a hole to fix it.
Put some flour in the bag.

Exit the mill

Go left, left, left.
Use the bag on the stones to fill it.

Go right, forward, forward
Take the piece of paper "when they sense a mind its body"
Go forward, forward, forward, forward

At the well.

Take the key from the red pot.

Go down, down, down
Fill the bag with some dirt.  (there is a pile, just down and right of the center)
Go down, down
Go right, right and enter the mill

Put he heavy bag in the box on the right to open the door.
Enter the door.

Take the note.  "but much more often during OOBEs and"

Exit, exit the mill

Go right.

Take the note "They attack detached from"

Go right, forward

Take the note at the fountain "by possessing bodies"

Go left all the way to you get to the house.  Enter.
Go left.

Use the key to unlock the double-doors.

Take the pipe wrench

Enter the top left door, go right to the elevator.  Go up all the way till you reach the pipes.
Use the pipe wrench to open the valve.
Go back down.

Enter the top right room
Use the pipe wrench to open this valve

Enter the bottom right room
(Berts Picture room)
Go right all the way to the mill (use the flashlight to see)
Enter the mill
Enter the room

Use the pipe wrench on the valve
The wrench will break.
You will hear water flowing.

Exit the mill

Go right, right, forward to the fountain.

Look at the buttons bottom right.
You need to light up all of them.
If you need to start over, go left and come back.

If you cannot get it right, try this hint:
Number the top row 1 2 3 4 and the bottom row 5 6 7 8
Press: 6 3 7 2

The fountain will now work.

The river will flow.
Follow the river to the left.
The mill wheel will be turning, so electricity are being generated!

Go further left and enter the house.
In Bert's Picture room, go left.

Take the bottom left door.
Go left

You are now at the elevator.  There are power, so press the lift button.
When the lift arrive...


Go to the 2nd floor
Use the flashlight
Find the screwdriver
(Now you need to be quick!  If the ghost catches you you will restart at the lift).
Use the screwdriver to open the cover of the lift button
The screwdriver will drop, so pick it up and try again.
Enter the lift.

Got to floor -1

Go left.
Open the panel with the screwdriver
Take the long rope

Go right, open the door and go right.
Up the stairs

Take the bottom right door to Bert's poster room.  Poster is gone.
Go right right. Use the flashlight.
Go right, right, up, up, up and up to the well

Attach the rope to the well

Enter the well and climb down the rope

Go right, right, right, forward

Well done!
You have solved part1

See you at the final depth.

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough



  1. Hello, if you put the tiger on Coby's bed you'll have a reward in the ending.

  2. Here's the picture for the bonus ending: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v333/rlongtin/DeeperSleep_zpsdec82b8f.png

    Also the clue about leaving the tiger on Cody's bed is from the first game, Deep Sleep. Play it here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/scriptwelder/deep-sleep

  3. the part bout using the pointer to get the golden key down from the pipe no longer works and i have no idea how to get the key down now

  4. never mind i have found it

  5. I can't find the scarecrow

    1. When you exit the building you go 1 screen right and 2 screen forward?

  6. I think you can't get the note or piece of paper that says "They attack, detached from" after you turn on the fountain. I have looked everywhere but I think it disappears due to the water flowing. I don't want to restart the whole game just to find out as it's the last note I need 14/15.

  7. ^
    The note is in the fireplace... the room before you see a code for the elevator...

  8. i was scared but is there a deep sleep 4 or3

  9. nvm i found it and when you go down the well, look up and you see the shadow people

  10. where is the scarecrow?

  11. time to play deepest sleep

  12. When you go downstairs, where the bell is and stuff, you can go down even more. But the door is locked from the other side, and I have tried long time now to get it open... What to do?

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. BOI. THERE IS NO 15th NOTE. BOI.