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Rock Hills Village Escape Walkthrough

Rock Hills Village Escape Walkthrough
Rock Hills Village Escape Solution

Full walkthrough with detailed step-by-step guide on how to complete all the puzzles.  Answers, tips, hints, tricks, how-to, explanations, and solutions.

About Rock Hills Village Escape Game: 
The 382nd escape game from 123bee.com. Fascinated by the beauty of Rock hill village, I decided to visit there with my helicopter. Unfortunately, on the way to the village, the helicopter got crashed. I landed up in an abandoned village. Help me to overcome the obstacles and escape from this village.  Play the windows version here.

Solution starts here:

After the helicopter animation where you escape via parachute...
... you land in the bush at the river next to the deer.

Nothing to here... for now, so go right to the village.

Zoom in on the cow then take the stone.
Zoom in on the left-most house and take the nest.
Zoom in on the second house and take the thongs.
Zoom in on the third house and take the stick.
Zoom in on the puddle of water and take another 2 stones.

Zoom in on the big house on the hill.
Enter the house.

Take the sling shot from the floor.
Take the rock from the floor.
Take the 6 bamboo sticks on the left.
Take another bamboo piece form the shelf on the right.
Take the tiger-shaped leather from the wall.

Zoom in on the shelf and take the iron rod.
Zoom in on the iron rod and add the thongs.
Take the thonged-rod

Take the hammer and iron block from the pots on the right.

Go out and back to the puddle.
Use the bamboo piece to scoop water.
Zoom in on the dirt next to the puddle.
Use the bamboo piece to throw water on the dirt.
Use the rock to dig up the dirt.

Take the knife.

Go back into the big house.
Zoom in on the rope on the wall.
Use the knife to cut the rope.
Zoom out then pick up the rope from the floor behind the pot.

Zoom in on the rope.
Use the knife to cut off a piece.
Take the piece of rope.

Zoom in on a bamboo stick.
Add all the sticks to build a ladder.
Add the rope to secure the ladder pieces.
Put the leather on top.

Take the bamboo boat.

Zoom in on the pot in the center.
Add the nest to the campfire.
add a rock and another one to get the fire going.
Add the thonged-iron to warm it up

Take the hot iron.
Zoom in on the iron anvil piece.
Add the hot iron.
Hit the iron with the hammer.

This will make an arrow head.
Take the arrow.

Zoom in on the stick.
Add the arrow head.
Now you have a spear.

Take the spear.

Exit the house and zoom out.

Go left to the deer.

Use the spear to kill the deer :-(
Use the bamboo boat on the river to get to the deer.
Use the knife to cut off the antler

Pick up the antler.

Zoom in on the antler
Use the knife to sharpen the top.
Take the antler.

Zoom out then go right.
Go right again to the tiger.

Use the sling shot on the foreground.
Add a stone to the sling shot and shoot into the bush.
The tiger will now stand still.
Use the antler on the tiger to kill it  :-(

That is it!
Well done on a Great Escape!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Mr Maakal for the Rock Hill Village escape walkthrough. So sad that a deer and a tiger had the be killed to complete the game. Was not too difficult to figure out the puzzles. Thank you for the help.