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Frankenstein Escape Walkthrough

Frankenstein Escape Walkthrough
Frankenstein Escape Solution

This walkthrough is based on the Windows version from 123Bee.com.  Play it for free here.
To read more about the Android version, go here
The screenprints and info will be based on the windows platform version, but should be very much applicable to the android version.

About Frankenstein Escape:
The 350th escape game from 123bee.com. Find the clues and objects to give life to the dead body of Frankenstein and help him come out of the windmill.
Description from Android version: "Zula was a genius boy. He always wanted to know, learn and experiment. Zula grew up as a doctor. One day, zula came with an idea…
"To take pieces of human body and make a giant human being to help the mankind"
The day onwards he started digging up bodies from the grave, amputating either the legs or hands. As days past Zula had all the parts of a human body. He had carefully stitched each piece together except brain, eyes and heart. But before the project Frankenstein gets over he died…  The Frankenstein comes alive only when he gets his parts back."

The game and walkthrough starts here:

You start in a dark room in the estate.

In the center of the room against the wall is an old oil lamp.  Zoom in and take the oil lamp.
Pick up a stick from the floor.
Take the hammer from the table.
Take 2 stones from the floor.
Take the spider from the cobweb. (It is only a game, so do not be afraid!)
Use the stick on the cobweb.

Zoom in on the stones.
Add both stones.
Add the stick.
You will get fire!

Take the fire stick.

Zoom in on the oil lamp.
Take the glass shield off.
Use the stick to light the lint.
Put the glass back on.

You have light!
Take the lamp.

Put the oil lamp back on its stand against the wall where you found it.

Now you can see where you are!

Zoom in on the chest on the right.
Use the hammer to remove the lock.

From the open chest, take the brain and the silver key.

Zoom in on the door and use the silver key to unlock.

Take the lamp.
Open the door and go downstairs.
Put the lamp on the lamp holder in the center.

Take the skull from the bottom left table.
Take the jar from on top of the barrel.
Zoom in on the jar and add the spider inside.

Move the wall picture and the bat behind it.
Take the piece of paper.

Zoom in on the skull.
Add the piece of paper to the missing eye.
Use the fire stick and light the paper.
The skull will burn and reveal a key.

Take the golden key.

Open the chest with the gold key.

Take the heart.

Take the oil lamp and go down stairs.
Place the oil lamp on the lamp holder.

Zoom in on the cobweb top left corner.
Take the 2 eyes.

Zoom in on Frankenstein in the casket.
Zoom in on the heart and replace the heart.

Zoom in on the head and replace the brain.

Zoom in on the face and replace the eyes.

Zoom out and add the jar with the spider inside.

Frankie will stand up and open the door.

Well done on a great escape!

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