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Island Beach Escape Walkthrough

Island Beach Escape Walkthrough
Island Beach Escape Solution

Complete step-by-step detailed walkthrough guide with the solutions, answers, screen-prints, and all you need to solve this room-escape type game.  If you are stuck, this guide will unstuck you!

About Island Beach Escape:  The 381st escape game from 123bee.com. This young man and his friends came to a village for the awareness camp. It’s located near the beautiful Island. They are all separated and decided to go various directions to meet people. Unfortunately this young man forgets the way and he reach the Island. No one is there to help him, please help him to escape from the Island to join with his friends.

You start at the road leading the the village.

Take a branch from the trees on the left.  If there are no branches to take, then you need to look at the next tree.  If you hover the mouse, you should see the word "branch" before you zoom in.

Take a root from the tree on the left.

Take a stone from the "rocks" just under the houses.

Go right to the pig.

Zoom in on the trees on the left and take another stone.
Take another stone from the fire place.
Take the stick to the left of the brown pegs in the ground.
Take a branch from the tree above the fire place.

Zoom in on the  branch.
Add the stone with the sharp edge.
Add the root.
Now you have a spear.  Take the spear.

Go right to the beach.

Take the rope from under the right coconut tree.
Take the glass to the left of the wooden structure.
Zoom in on the sea next to the umbrella and fill the glass with salt water.
Take the stick from the base of the left coconut tree.

Go back left.  And left again to the start.

Zoom in on the plant under the tree.
Use the stone to take out the right-hand-side plant.
Zoom in on the plant that you took out.
Use the stone on the plant.
Take the 3 seeds.

Zoom in on the seeds and add the glass of water.

Go right to the pig.
Zoom in on the pig.
Give the watered seeds to the pig.  She will run off.

Take the shovel.

Go back left.
Zoom in on the tree with the 3 stones on the right.
Use the shovel to dig up the right-hand-side stone.

Take the box.

Use the spear stick to open the box.

Take the golden key and the scroll from inside.

Go right to the pig.

Zoom in on the scroll and roll it down.
Look at the pattern:

Zoom in on the pegs in the ground and follow the pattern.

Start top left and click the peg.
Then down, right, up, right, down, down, right, up.  (Click the peg after each move).
Click in the center:

Take the jar.
Zoom in on the jar and use the key to unlock.

Zoom in on the stone.
Add the jar to turn the stone into gold.
Take the gold.

Zoom out and go right to the beach.

Zoom in on the man.
Give him the gold.

Take the oar

Go right to the lagoon with the boat.

Zoom in on the rope.
Add the stick.
Add the branch.
Add the stick
Tie with the root.

Take the rope.

Zoom in on the boat.
Use the rope to bring in the boat.
Use the oar and off you go!

Well done on another great escape!


  1. Well done with the walkthrough. This was one of the better room escape games from 123bee. Had me thinking a few times! Thank you for the time spent to create this walkthrough. 5 Stars for Island Beach Escape!

  2. Great walkthrough for island beach escape. I appreciate the effort.