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High School Student Escape Walkthrough

High School Student Escape Walkthrough
High School Student Escape Solution

About High School Student Escape:
The 378th escape game from 123bee.com. You are confronted in an abandoned school where the entire students were absconded in a single day except one and that is you. The locals believe that it has been handed. Escape, as soon as possible before something terribly happens.  Play the Windows version for free here.

Here are all the answers, tips, tricks, help, howto and guide that you need to solve this popular game.

Your game start at the main door with a map to other rooms:

Zoom in on security then pick up the purple key from the floor.

Go to the Classroom.
Zoom in on the lock and use the purple key to open the door.


Zoom in on the school bag on the left.
Take the data cable.
Take the red book from the table in front of the classroom.
Take the pink box from the bag on the right.
Open the pink box and take the ID Card
Read the red book.

Notice the word "Quiet" is marked as important.

Go to the library
Use the code QUIET.

Swipe the access card and then you can enter.

Move the red dustbin then take the blue key.
Take the history book at the History section.
Read the history book then take the CD.

Attach the black data cable to the PC.
Insert the CD.
Watch the monitor.
Click on B0,1,3,5

You will see the password: 101111

Enter the laboratory using the blue key.

Take the red key from the wall.
Open the drawer with the red key and take the remote from inside.

Go to the Office Room.
Use the code from the monitor: 101111

Open the drawer on the left.
Take the gold key and finger print reader.
Use the gold key to open the drawer to the right of the desk.
Take the red key from inside.

Go to the sports room.
Use the red key to open.

Take the ping pong ball.
Zoom in on the pink curtains.
Use the remote on the curtains to open.
Use the ping pong ball on the glass to open.
Take the hammer.

Go back to the office.
Use the hammer to smash the glass on the wall to take the blue key.

Go to the principle room.
Zoom in on the keyhole.
Use the finger print reader above the keyhole.
Use the blue key in the hole.
Press the blue button on the reader to open the door.

Pick up the white paper on the desk.
Read the paper to see code 1979.

Open the desk drawer with code 1979
Take the golden key from inside.

Go to the main door.
Zoom in on the key hole.
Use the golden key to escape!

A little bit too easy perhaps?

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