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Auto Workshop Escape Walkthrough

Auto Workshop Escape Walkthrough
Auto Workshop Escape Solution

About Auto Workshop Escape:
The 387th escape game from 123bee.com. Assume someone has locked you in this auto workshop and challenged to come out of there. How would you find the way to escape from there, lets see your intelligence. Go ahead, all the best!  You can play for free on Windows by following this link.

Here is the full walkthrough, solution, tips, hints, guide, howto, help, cheats, cracks, detailed answers with fill explanations to the puzzles.  Everything you need to solve Auto Workshop Escape!

Solution starts here:

You start in the workshop looking at the orange car:

Take the silver key from the hook on the left wall.
Open the top cupboard and take the set of keys.

Zoom in on the set of keys and click them to spread, then click all of them to take the correct one.

Go left and you will see the side of the car.

Take the rod from under the car.  (If you do the next step without taking the rod, then you will have to start over as you will never get the change to take the rod again.  Bug)

Use the key you got from the set to open the door.  Now you are inside the car.

Open the cubbyhole and take the car key.

Go right.

Zoom in on the bottom drawer.
Use the silver key to open.

Take the screwdriver.

Zoom in on the top of the drawers.
Use the rod to break open the lock.

Take 2 spanners  from the drawer.

Look inside the engine, the touch the red and blue wires of the battery to de-couple them.
Use the spanner to take off the nuts.
Remove the plate and take the battery.

Zoom in on the hydraulic machine.
Use the spanner to remove the 4 nuts on the side.

Remove the lid.
The screw for the blue wire is lying inside the machine. Take it the use the screwdriver to secure it in place.
Put the lid back in place.
Use the spanner to secure the 4 nuts.
Switch on the hydraulic machine.
Click the lever to raise the car.

Climb down the ladder into the pit.

Take the battery charger.
Climb out.

Zoom in on the table.

Put the battery charger and battery on the table
Click on the battery charger plug to plug it in (it is on the table, right of the charger)/
Switch on the plug.
Tap the 2 crocodile ends to attach to the battery

Now that the battery is charged, switch off at the plug.
Remove the 2 crocodile clips.
Take the battery.

Zoom in on the hydraulic machine and lower the car.
Zoom in on the engine.

Replace the battery.
Put the plate in place
Put the top nut in and secure with the spanner
Put the bottom nut in and secure with the spanner

Attach the red and blue cables.

Zoom out.
If you did everything right, the bonnet will be closed.

Go up.

You will see the 123 BEE car from the rear.
Remove the paper that is stuck in the exhaust.

Go down and then left.
Use the car key in the ignition and off you go!

Well done on a great escape!

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