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Fabulous House Escape Walkthrough

Fabulous House Escape Walkthrough
Fabulous House Escape Solution

Full walkthrough with detailed answers and solutions to all the puzzles.  Step-by-step guide with explanations.

Play the Windows Version here.

About Fabulous House Escape: The 385th escape game from 123bee.com. Imagine that you have been trapped inside your home. Your mischievous brother locked you and went out. Use your wits to escape from the house. Your friends were waiting for you.  This is a room escape game where you need to solve puzzles to escape. Find codes, keys, and other objects to help you get out of the house.

You start in the Lounge.

Zoom in on the flower vase against the back wall.  Take the wooden handle.
Take the tap and geometry box from the shelf above the couch.  The tap is on the middle left shelf and the geometry box at the very top around the middle.
Open the geometry box and take out the compass.

That is all we can do here for now.  We will come back when we have the code for the front door.

Go right to the guest bedroom.

Open the drawer on the left, under the old TV.  Take the fuse carrier.
Take the axe from the drawer under the bed.
Take the pipe from the cupboard above the bed.

Go right to the brown bedroom.

Take the hammer head from the shelf above the bed.
Zoom in on the drawer below the bed.  Use the axe to open the bottom left drawer.
Take the wrench.

Use the compass op open the bottom locked drawer under the desk..
Take the glue.

Go right into the kitchen.

Take the knife from the bottom drawer in the front-middle.

Zoom in on the wooden handle.
Use the knife on the handle.
Take the handle.

Zoom in on the glue.
Add the sharpened handle.
Add the head to make a hammer.

Take the hammer.

Zoom in on the junction box.  (To the left of the top shelves)
Use the hammer to take the screws out.
Insert the fuse carrier.

Zoom in on the socket plugs on the left.
Switch on.  Now that the power is on, you will see a cloth coming down and land on the floor.
Pick up the cloth.

Zoom in on the pipe on the right.
Add the tap and piece of pipe.
Use the wrench on the pipe.

Zoom on on the sink.
Use the cloth on the tap to wet it.
Take the wet cloth.
Zoom in on the wet cloth to see the numbers 777.

Go to the guest bedroom and open the combination lock drawer with the code 777.

Take the star.

Zoom in on the star.
Start at white and click each corner going around clock-wise as per the orange arrow.
You will see the code 83497.

Go back to the lounge where you started.
Zoom in on the front door.
Use the code 83497 for another great escape!

Well done and congratulations.

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