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100 Zombies Walkthrough

100 Zombies Walkthrough
100 Zombies Solution

About 100 Zombies:
100 Zombies is a room-escape game from Touchportal Games.
New and graphically awesome levels! If you like room escape games like 100 doors  or 100 floors then you will love 100 Zombies.
You need to solve each level in order to advance to the next level.
Your first task on each level is to evaluate what you see.  You need to identify the puzzle and then solve it.  Some are easy, some are very difficult.  Once you solved the problem, you can open the door and go to the next room.

I will provide the walkthrough, solution, tips, tricks, cheats, howto, guide to each level.

Follow these links to the level walkthrough that you need:

Level 1 to 10
Level 11 to 20
Level 21 to 30
Level 31 to 40
Level 41 to 50 
Level 51 to 60 

Level 61 to 70 <under construction>
Level 71 to 80 <under construction>
Level 81 to 90 <under construction>
Level 91 to 100 <under construction>

If you struggle solving a particular level, use the comments section below so that I and other problem solvers can assist!

Note: I play 100 Zombies on my Android Samsung Galaxy 10.1" tablet.  The solutions and screen-prints might very slightly for other platforms or other devices.

Happy puzzle solving!

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  1. Thank you for the effort to provide the 100 Zombies solutions and walkthroughs!