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100 Cells Level 31 to 40 Walkthrough

100 Cells Walkthrough - Levels 31 to 40
100 Cells Solution - Levels 31 to 40

Tips, tricks, hints, cheats, solution, guide, walkthrough, explanation, step-by-step guide with screen prints and answers to solve 100 Cells.

100 Cells - the most illogical jail escape game ever!

100 Cells Level 31 Walkthrough
7 red buttons

100 Cells Level 31 Solution
Quickly press all 7 buttons.  If you were fast enough they will disappear.  If too slow, then try again but faster!

Take the yellow key from the table and unlock the the lock.
Level 31 solved so proceed to level 32.

100 Cells Level 32 Walkthrough
The shortest way through the maze

100 Cells Level 32 Solution
Go through the maze from start to ziel.
Note the numbers on the way.

The shortest path:
4 9 3 4 8 1 5

Seems like a bug... enter the code without the 8:  493415

Update: Seems like the bug is fixed, so try this code: 4 9 3 4 8 1 5

100 Cells Level 33 Walkthrough
Candle Maths

100 Cells Level 33 Solution
If you know binary, then this level will be very easy.
Convert the candles to binary.  On-candle = 1 and dead candle = 0.

Now you need to convert the question to binary and from there to decimal to get the answer.
The question candles = 001010110
Convert from base2 to base10:  64 + 16 + 4 + 2 = 86

Use the keypad and exit with 86.
Level 33 solved!

100 Cells Level 34 Walkthrough
Simon Says Concentration..

100 Cells Level 34 Solution
This time Simon is a bit more difficult.
Tap the Play button and follow the lights.  Repeat in the same order.

I numbered them 1 2 3 4 and wrote down the sequence.  It is getting very fast.
The last round had 12 lights... too many for me to remember.

100 Cells Level 35 Walkthrough
Candles Books and Boxes

100 Cells Level 35 Solution
Tap the right arrow
Move the green plant
Take the matches
Light the 4 candles using the matches.

Go back left.
Light the candles here.
You will see a pattern on the roof when all candles are burning.

According to the pattern on the roof, count the objects:
Flat books: 8
Standing books: 15
Boxes: 8
Candles: 11

Use the keypad with the code 815811

Go right.
Tap the hole to solve level 35

100 Cells Level 36 Walkthrough
4 boxes books and shelf

100 Cells Level 36 Solution
Look at the standing books in the shelf.
Arrange the boxes accordingly:

Top shelf has 1, so move box  to  the top
Second shelf has 3 and 4, so move boxes 3 and 4 to the same level, but underneath box 1

Your boxes should look like:

  3     4

The bars will be gone and you can tap the hole to solve level 36.

100 Cells Level 37 Walkthrough
Piece of the pie

100 Cells Level 37 Solution
This one took some time, but the logic here is actually very easy.

Each sector of the top left pie
plus the same sector of the bottom right pie
gives you the answer to the same sector in the top right pie.

So for the question mark, we can deduce the answer to be 140 - 85
= 55

Use number 55 on the keypad to solve level 37.

100 Cells Level 38 Walkthrough
Balance 2 bookshelves

100 Cells Level 38 Solution
Move the 2 bookshelves to the right out of the way.
Change the numbers on the right to be the same as the left. Or vice verca.  Or change all the numbers to 1.  As long as left = right, the door will open.

100 Cells Level 39 Walkthrough
Lots of pot plants

100 Cells Level 39 Solution
Move the 3 green potplants to the right.
Tap the red carpet to lift it.
You will see the exit hole.
Tap the hole to solve level 39.

100 Cells Level 40 Walkthrough
From left to right

100 Cells Level 40 Solution
Tap the correct colors as per the standing books in the book shelf, from left to right.

Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Green.
Level 40 solved!  Yea!

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