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Super Market Escape Walkthrough

Super Market Escape Walkthrough
Super Market Escape Solution

About Super Market Escape:
The 251st escape game from 123bee.com. You are trapped inside a Super market. Some how you have to escape from there.Use the clues and objects over there to escape. Good luck and have fun..!  Play the Windows version for free here.

Here is the walkthrough, solution, guide, answers, help, howto, all you need to solve super market escape.

Your game starts at the vegetable section of the supermarket.

Pick up the carry basket.
Take tomatoes, potatoes and brinjals

Take a box of sugar. (If you cannot pick it up, try the other box)

Put the carry basket on the scale.  0350 kg...

Open the top left drawer under the scale with the code 0350.
Take the calculator from inside.

Put the potatoes, tomatoes, and brinjals on the table next to the scale.
Count the veggies: 4 potatoes, 5 tomatoes, 6 brinjals.
Now open the right-hand-side drawer with the code 456

Pick up the bill.

Zoom in on the calculator.
Add the bill.
Now add up the figures.
This is an old calculator, so type it as follows:

You should get to the answer of 250.

Go right where everything is on sale.

Zoom in on the brown bag on the floor at the far end of the passage.
Take the white paper.
Read the white paper.

 You will see the shopping list: Soap, Paste, Powder, Brush, Sugar, Egg.

Zoom in on the eggs on the shelf on the right.
Inside the the front middle egg you will find a golden key.  Take the key.

Take a toothbrush from the shelf.
Zoom in on the toothbrush.
Notice the letters TFM!
Turn it around then open to get the second gold key.

Take toothpaste from the shelf, just below the tooth brush shelf.

Take a bottle of pink powder.  (If you cannot pick it up, try the other bottles)
Take a box of soap. (Same as above.  Try until you get a box you can pick up)

Go back left.
Open the door on you left with the code 250.
Enter.  You are now in the office.

Open the drawer using one of the golden keys.  If the key does not fit, use the other one.
Notice the red book with the number 21 on it.

Open the drawer on the right using the code from the toothbrush: TFM
Take the scanner from inside the drawer.

Zoom in on the phone.
Click around so that the handle moves.
Pick up the blue paper piece.
Zoom in on the paper piece and click to unravel the paper.  You will see code 021.

Zoom in on the PC Monitor.
Use the code 21021 (code from the book + code from the paper piece).
Click the down arrow to get to the PC.
Attach the scanner to the PC.
Go back up to the monitor.

Put the powder, toothbrush, toothpaste, sugar and soap on the table.
The scanner will read the bar codes.

Notice the total of 280.00

Zoom out (up arrow)
Zoom in on the door on the left, next to the wall clock.
Use the code 280 to reveal the key hole.

Use the golden key to open!

Congratulations on another great escape!
This was a little bit difficult to solve.  Hope this walkthrough provided you with some good. easy to follow help.


  1. Well done. Good work.
    This was a difficult escape game.
    Thank you for the walkthrough.
    Now I can have a good shopping mall experience.

    My biggest problem was the toothbrush. I did not notice the TFM letters on it. Once you turn the toothbrush around, you cannot go back to see these letters again. Maybe a design fault.

    Have a good super market escape game.

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