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100 Zombies Level 11 to 20 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Walkthrough
100 Zombies Solution

Level 11 to 20

Follow this link to the solutions for other levels of 100 Zombies

100 Zombies Level 11 Walkthrough
4 blocks 4 arrows

100 Zombies Level 11 Solution
You need to tap the 5 squares in the right order to open the door.
If you do it right, the squares will stay down.  If you make a mistake it will reset.

This is the order:
Top right, bottom left,  bottom right, top left, center

100 Zombies Level 12 Walkthrough
Blue Green Red Blocks

100 Zombies Level 12 Solution
Look above the door for the hint: blue, green, red

Count the blocks according to the order above the door:
blue: 8
green: 4
red: 4

Use the keypad with code 844 to solve level 12.

100 Zombies Level 13 Walkthrough
Red 1 2 3

100 Zombies Level 13 Solution
There are 3 doors.
Tap the doors according to the numbers on the wall:

Right, Left, Forward.

If you do it right, the level will be solved.
If you do it wrong, you will get the "game over" screen and will have to start again.

100 Zombies Level 14 Walkthrough
Crowbar and 2 blue blocks

100 Zombies Level 14 Solution
Pick up the crowbar
Use the crowbar on the red boiler.
Exit through the secret entrance to solve level 14

100 Zombies Level 15 Walkthrough
2 pots 3 and 5

100 Zombies Level 15 Solution
Place the 2 pots on the 2 squares to open the door.
The small pot under number 3 and the large pot under number 5.
To place them correctly you still need to see the white border at the bottom of the squares.

100 Zombies Level 16 Walkthrough
Number 4

100 Zombies Level 16 Solution
The hint on the floor shows number 4.
Tap the left-most digit until it equals 4 to get the code:

Use the keupad with code 467 to solve level 16.

100 Zombies Level 17 Walkthrough
Blue boxes stacked

100 Zombies Level 17 Solution
Count each stack and change the number above to the correct number:

5 3 4
Tap the door
Level 17 solved.

100 Zombies Level 18 Walkthrough
3 pots

100 Zombies Level 18 Solution
Pick up the ax from the top left shelf.
Use the ax to smash the 3 pots.
You will see code 935 where the pots used to be.

395 is the code to open the door.

100 Zombies Level 19 Walkthrough
Up down left right arrows

100 Zombies Level 19 Solution
Swipe each sword from the handle to the tip of the blade.
For the order, see the hint at the bottom:
Start at the bottom (6'o clock) and go around clockwise.

As you swipe, the sword will light up.
Once all the swords are lit, the door will open and level 19 is solved!

100 Zombies Level 20 Walkthrough
Black Screen

100 Zombies Level 20 Solution
The screen will go dark and for a short moment every about 6 seconds will light up.
There is a light switch.  See screen-print above.
Tap the light switch and the light will stay on.

Pick up the meet.
Place it on the plate.
Something will come and eat it!
Tap the door.
Exit level 20.

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