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100 Zombies Level 51 to 60 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Walkthrough100 Zombies Solution

Levels 51 to 60

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100 Zombies Level 51 Walkthrough
Two Tombstones and Stars

100 Zombies Level 51 Solution
Shake your device and the 2 tombstones will shatter.
Tap on the door and it will open.
Level 51 solved and you continue to level 52

100 Zombies Level 52 Walkthrough
Code letters

100 Zombies Level 52 Solution
Look at the hint above the door.
Each "letter" indicates a position on the grid.
The first letter is the shape L, which is the top right part of the grid = 3
U = top middle = 2
C = middle right = 6
L = 3
] = middle left = 4

Use the code 32634 to solve level 52 and advance to level 53.

100 Zombies Level 53 Walkthrough
Red room with 3 question marks

100 Zombies Level 53 Solution
Tap the red button on the floor repeatedly until the door unlocks.  The button will disappear.
Tap the door and level 53 will be solved.

100 Zombies Level 54 Walkthrough
53 6 7 16 2

100 Zombies Level 54 Solution
This level must be a bug!
Just tap the door and it will open.
If you want to, you can pick up the meat.
Wonder what was the purpose of the numbers and the meat?

100 Zombies Level 55 Walkthrough
eight light bulbs

100 Zombies Level 55 Solution
Hint: look at the red marks on the door.

Switch on bulbs according to the pattern on the door:
Left - the 2 bulbs in the middle should be on
Right - the top and bottom bulb must be on.

Tap the door and it will open.
Level 55 solved and you advance to level 56.

100 Zombies Level 56 Walkthrough
Two sliders under the stars.

100 Zombies Level 56 Solution
Look at the stars for a hint.
The stars shows the word "UP"

Move the 2 sliders to the very top.
Tap the door and it will open.

100 Zombies Level 57 Walkthrough
Three pots, swords, axe and buttons.

100 Zombies Level 57 Solution
Take the axe from the wall on the left.  Not sure why?
Now, look at the hint on the wall.  You will see in black:  Pot, Sword, Button
So count the objects in the same order:
3 Pots, 7 Swords, 2 buttons.

Use the keypad and exit with 372

100 Zombies Level 58 Walkthrough
3 sliders

100 Zombies Level 58 Solution
Look at the red markings on the floor for the hint.
Adjust the 3 sliders so the left is at the top, middle is in the middle and right is at the bottom
Tap the door (you might have to tap 2 times) and the door will open.

100 Zombies Level 59 Walkthrough
16, 27, 42, 50

100 Zombies Level 59 Solution
Each column follows a pattern:  Insert the missing number from the white numbers above the door:

C1 - 24,16,8,12,  (multiples of 4) TOTAL = 60
C2 - 35,14,42,7 (Multiples of 7) TOTAL = 98
C3 - 9,18,27 (Multiples of 9) TOTAL = 54

Use the code 60 98 54 to solve level 59.

100 Zombies Level 60 Walkthrough
The gun

100 Zombies Level 60 Solution
Hint: you need sound for this level.
Move the curtain to the middle so you can see both windows
Take the gun and shoot the zombies
If you see eyes, de-select the gun and cover that window with the curtain.  You will hear a beep when the eyes are gone.  Move the curtain back to the center and select the gun.

If the timer stop, then you have been successful.  Tap the door to solve level 60.
If the timer runs out, you will see game over and will have to start again.

Good luck!

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