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100 Cells Level 21 to 30 Walkthrough

100 Cells Walkthrough
100 Cells Solution

Tips tricks cheats help guide to 100 Cells.
Complete solution with detailed explanations on how to solve the puzzles.

Levels 21 to 30

100 Cells Level 21 Walkthrough
Take a break!

100 Cells Level 21 Solution
For this level you need to do nothing for about 40 seconds.
The hole will open up.
If you tap or touch any ware, then the timer resets...

100 Cells Level 22 Walkthrough
Cryptic Clue

100 Cells Level 22 Solution
If you want to break out of this cell,
you need the numbers from top to
bottom: But pay attention:

Caution electric shock hazard!

I am not overweight I am undertall!
Charlie is a prison snitch
Two's a company three is a crowd - So
we have to kill Charlie!

First left, second right, then the fourth
corner straight ahead and at the end
left - my way out!!

See the BOLD above.  The numbers are hidden in the text.
one eight two three four

So use the keypad with 18234

100 Cells Level 23 Walkthrough
Just 2 divisors?!

100 Cells Level 23 Solution
The red number in the three 3x3 sets are the sum of the surrounding prime numbers.

49:  13+17+19
52: 29+23
So the last 3x3 will be 103: 23+37+43

So use the keypad with 103 to solve level 23.

100 Cells Level 24 Walkthrough
How many rectangles?

100 Cells Level 24 Solution
Just count all the rectangles.  Some rectangles combined with another rectangle can make an inner rectangle.
There are 31 rectangles.

Use the keypad and solve level 24 with the code 31.

100 Cells Level 25 Walkthrough
Books Plants Candles

100 Cells Level 25 Solution
Tap the hole in the wall.  Keep on going it and notice the green bar above the door growing.
As soon as the green bar has filled up, the hole will open and you can exit level 25.

100 Cells Level 26 Walkthrough
Safe and Shelf

100 Cells Level 26 Solution
Take the yellow key
Use the key to open the safe.
(The above was not really necessary, but it is OK to do it)

Notice in the self there is a gold bar.
Tap this gold bar to bring up a new tablet screen.  If this does not work, tap a few more times on and around the gold bar.  (On the right in the second from the top shelf).

On the new tablet, tap the 100 Cells icon.

The hole will open and level 26 is solved!

100 Cells Level 27 Walkthrough
4 Brown wooden boxes

100 Cells Level 27 Solution
Move the boxes around so that #1 is top left going down to #4.
The hole will open up and you have solved level 27

100 Cells Level 28 Walkthrough
Solve B < F

100 Cells Level 28 Solution
Solve: B < F and H < E, but H = B and E = F
C < A and G < D, A < E and G > H D > F and C < B

Move all the boxes so that all the equations above are satisfied.
"smaller than" means "to the left of" and "=" means at the same level.

Here is a possible solution:

100 Cells Level 29 Walkthrough
Simon says: This is the easy one!

100 Cells Level 29 Solution
Tap the play button and notice which lights go on.
You need to solve 4 in a row to win this level.

100 Cells Level 30 Walkthrough
Books looking like Roman Numerals

100 Cells Level 30 Solution
There are 4 shelves each with books in the form of Roman Numerals.
Look above the door for a hint to the order.

1: Bottom Left:  IV = 4
2. Top Right: II = 2
3. Top Left: III = 3
4. Bottom Right: LII = 52

Use the keypad with the code 42352

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