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100 Zombies Level 41 to 50 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Walkthrough
100 Zombies Solution

Level 41 to 50

Follow this link to the solutions for other levels of 100 Zombies

100 Zombies Level 41 Walkthrough
3 Squares

100 Zombies Level 41 Solution
Look at the white dot pattern above the door.  Tap the corresponding square according to the pattern.  If you make a mistake you will see the "game over" sign and have to restart.

This is the pattern:
T = Top (top left)
M = Middle (the one on the right)
B = Bottom (bottom left square)


100 Zombies Level 42 Walkthrough
Moon stars and graves

100 Zombies Level 42 Solution
Take a good look at the blue stars.
If you concentrate you will see 4 numbers.
You need a slight imagination as well (just with the astronomers that named the stars)

From left to right you should see numbers 4 9 1 2

Use the keypad and solve level 42 with the code 4912.

100 Zombies Level 43 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Level 43 Solution
The "W" hint on the floor indicate "go west"
Or read "to left"

So the answer for level 43 will be the numbers from right to left:

Use the keypad with code 32248 to solve level 43.

100 Zombies Level 44 Walkthrough
4 sliders

100 Zombies Level 44 Solution
Tap each of the sliders and count how many times you tap it before it reaches the right-hand side.
This will be the code to solve level 44.

From top to bottom:

Use the keypad with code 58410 to solve level 44.

100 Zombies Level 45 Walkthrough
1 3 53
18 10 6
5 33 7
9 24 16
12 5 2

100 Zombies Level 45 Solution
You can drag a brown/gray mask over the numbers.  Pull it in from the left.
Now you see only a few numbers.
The arrow points up.
So the answer will be from bottom up: 5 9 7 18 3

100 Zombies Level 46 Walkthrough
Graveyard with a zombie behind the tombstone

100 Zombies Level 46 Solution
Tap the Zombie about 10 times on the head.
He will run off.
Now you can tap the door and level 46 solved.

100 Zombies Level 47 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Level 47 Solution
You need to solve the powerbox puzzle again.
A bit more difficult than the previous 2.

100 Zombies Level 48 Walkthrough
Red and green buttons

100 Zombies Level 48 Solution
Press the red and green buttons according to the pattern of squares on the wall.
Read from top to bottom:
Red green green
red green red green

100 Zombies Level 49 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Level 49 Solution
Adjust the 2 numbers to the current Day and Month.

100 Zombies Level 50 Walkthrough
Arrows and numbers

100 Zombies Level 50 Solution
Follow the arrows from number to number.
You should see that no arrow points to number 2, so this will be the start.
2 1 7 4

Follow this link to the solutions for other levels of 100 Zombies

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