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100 Cells Level 1 to 10 Walkthrough

Walkthrough for 100 Cells
Solution for 100 Cells

Tips tricks hints cheats help guide on how to sole all the cells in 100 Cells.
This walkthrough will give detailed explanations to all the puzzles in the game.
100 Cells is a room-escape game. You solve the puzzle to move on to the next cell.

100 Cells Level 1 Walkthrough:
The hole in the cell wall...

100 Cells Cell 1 Solution:
Tap on the hole in the wall to solve level 1.
Easy?  Yea, but do not fear.. it will get tougher later on as we progress.

100 Cells Level 2 Walkthrough:
The hole has been locked!

100 Cells Cell 2 Solution:
Pick up the golden key at the bottom left.
Use the key to unlock the lock at the hole in the wall.
Tap the hole and you have solved level 2.
Still pretty easy...

100 Cells Level 3 Walkthrough:
Bookshelf in front of the hole?

100 Cells Cell 3 Solution:
Tilt your device so that the bookshelf slide down to the left.
Now tap the hole to solve level 3.

100 Cells Level 4 Walkthrough:
Green pot plant and a bed

100 Cells Cell 4 Solution:
Tap the right arrow to move to the right side corner of the cell.
Ah! There is the hole in the wall.
Tap the hole to solve level 4.

100 Cells Level 5 Walkthrough:
Merlin Monroe on the wall

100 Cells Cell 5 Solution:
Take the scissors from the table.
Use the scissors to cut the poster of Merlin Monroe.
Now tap the hole to solve level 5.

100 Cells Level 6 Walkthrough:
Color code

100 Cells Cell 6 Solution:
Pick up the scissors behind the green pot plant.
Cut the poster to reveal some more dots.

Look at the color code above the hole in the wall.
Red Brown Yellow Blue Green.
This is the order, now count the dots for each color:

--> This might be difficult if you are color blind.  See below for the counts:

Red = 5
Brown = 2
Yellow = 3
Blue = 1
Green = 3

Tap the keypad and enter 52313 then tap OK.
Level 6 solved.

100 Cells Level 7 Walkthrough:
3 pot plants and a poster

100 Cells Cell 7 Solution:
Move all 3 plants to the red table, or is it a carpet?  Anyway move them to the red thingy.
The hole will open on the wall.
Tap the hole to solve level 7.

100 Cells Level 8 Walkthrough:
Lots of plants

100 Cells Cell 8 Solution:
The hint on the wall shows biggest to smallest.
Count the plants according to size:
Purple big = 1
Red large = 2
Blue medium = 3
Yellow small = 2
Green tiny = 1

Use the keypad with the code 12321 to solve level 8.

100 Cells Level 9 Walkthrough:
Green lights

100 Cells Cell 9 Solution:
This level will make you think a little bit...

Turn all 6 lights on to solve level 9.
Each button have an effect on certain lights.
From left to right (button 5 is in your inventory):

Button1: 1, 3, 5
Button2: 1,2,6
Button3: 1,4,5
Button4: 1,4,6
Button5: 2,4,5

So tap in this order to solve level 9:

100 Cells Level 10 Walkthrough:
Maths galore

100 Cells Cell 10 Solution:
There are 4 mathematical sequences that you need to solve.
At the bottom you will see multiply the answer of the 1st column with the second.
Sum the 3rd column's answer with the 4th.
Work from left to right.

So, just solve the sequences and do some math to solve level 10.
Working the columns from left to right, we get:

1. 1,2,3,4, ?  --> Easy.  The next number is 5.
2. 4,8,12,20, ? = 32.  Each number is the sum of the previous 2.
3. 0,7,26,63,? = 124  .Each number is n^3-1
4. 576,400,256,144,? = 64 (8^2 = 64, 12^2 = 144, 16^ = 256, 20^2 = 200, etc,)

5 x 32 = 160
124 + 64 = 188

Use the keypad and solve level 10 with he code 160 188

That is it!
The first 10 levels of 100 Cells completed.  Done and dusted.

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