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Modern City House Escape Walkthrough

Modern City House Escape Walkthrough
Modern City House Escape Solution

About "modern city house escape": The 375th escape game from 123bee.com. You are trapped in an Modern City House. You have to escape from this house by using objects, and clues. Use your brainpower and get away from the house. Have fun!

This is a guide with the full walkthrough on how to solve and escape the modern city house.  I provide detailed instructions with screen-prints.  Explanations to the puzzles.  If you are stuck, then you arrived at the right blog to help you!  This walkthrough is for the Windows platform version but will be very similar for the other platforms.  You can play the Windows version for free here.  Here follows the walkthrough with tips, hints, answers, cheats, and all the info you need.

The adventure and walkthrough starts here:
You start in the green bedroom.

Zoom in on the shelf and take the abacus.

Zoom in on the desk.  Click the lamp and a red bead will fall out.  Take the bead.
Zoom in on the pillow.  Click the pillow to move it and then take the blue paper piece.
Take the paper from the dustbin under the desk.
Zoom on on the top right drawer under the desk.  Open it to get a blue bead.

Go right into the lounge.

Take the TV Remote on the shelf below the TV.
Zoom in on the remote then click it to turn it around.  You will see code 50 on a blue diamond.

Take the fish bowl from the coffee table.
Zoom in on the flower vase.  Click it and you can pick up an orange bead.
Zoom in on the couch pillow, then click it to reveal a 2 of diamonds card.  Pick up the 2 of diamonds.

Go right into the green-and-white bedroom.

Zoom in on the Teddy.  Click the teddy then pick up another blue paper piece.
Zoom in on the flowers on the shelf.  Click to move them then pick up yet another paper piece.

Take the red book from the shelf around the middle left.

Zoom in on the PC Monitor then take the AC Control.
Look at the AC Control, click it to turn on,  and notice the code 18:

Open the drawer next to the bed with code 18.

Take the blue paper piece from inside.

Zoom in on a paper piece.
Put all the paper pieces together.

You will get code 365:

Open the right cupboard door with code 365.
Take the fishhook from inside.

Read the piece of paper:

cyan green green
red yellow green
green green purple

Open the center door of the cupboard with this color code.

Take the golden key from inside.

Go all the way left to the green bedroom.
Open the drawer with this golden key.

Take the screwdriver from inside.

Go right to the lounge.
Zoom in on the heart, diamond, spade, club locker on the wall.
Unscrew the screws with the screwdriver.
You will see code 66 on a green diamond:

Take the card 66.

Go 2 rooms right to the kitchen:

Pick up the paper bag.
Zoom in on the paper bag and click it to get another bead.

Open the book to get the color diamond equation:

Red diamond / 2 + green diamond * blue diamond

We know the values of the diamonds (all of them in our inventory)
red diamond = 2. (2 of diamonds playing card)
Green diamond = 66 (green card in inventory)
Blue diamond = 50 (back of remote)

So the math equation =
2 / 2 + 66 * 50 = 3350

Go right to the kitchen and open the top cupboard with code 3350:

Take the rod.
Zoom in on the rod and attach the hook.
Zoom in on the fish bowl and use the hook to get the key.

Remove the silver key from the hook.

Open the bottom cupboard with the silver key.
Take the green and yellow beads.

Zoom in on the abacus.
Add the red, blue, yellow, orange, and red beads.  - Must be in this order.

Go to the front door in the lounge
Count the beads from left to right to get the code: 2 5 1 8 6 4

Open the door using this code on the keypad.

Yea!  Another Great Escape!


  1. This was a very easy room escape game to solve. My only problem was to get the number for the blue diamond. Not sure how I missed looking at the back of the remote? Maybe I am getting old.

    Tnx for the walkthrough.

    1. Thank you, Kobus. I also found this game quite easy relative to the other room escape games... or maybe it is because of all the practice that we get better at solving these puzzles? Glad you enjoyed my walkthrough.

      Happy adventuring

  2. I cannot get the hook inside the fish bowl. I zoom on the bowl,r then zoom onti the hook. nothing happens

    1. First attach the hook to the rod.