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100 Zombies Level 31 to 40 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Walkthrough
100 Zombies Solution

Level 31 to 40

Follow this link to the solutions for other levels of 100 Zombies

100 Zombies Level 31 Walkthrough
Zombie rotating puzzle

100 Zombies Level 31 Solution
Complete the rotating puzzle.
Hint: Start with the Zombie's face and then do the border around it.
Tap the different pieces to rate them into the correct orientation.

This is the completed picture:

If correct, you can tap the door to open up and level 31 will be solved.

100 Zombies Level 32 Walkthrough
Starry night above the graveyard

100 Zombies Level 32 Solution
Slide the tombstones to the left.
This will reveal the clue: Yellow Green Blue Red Green
Count the number of stars of each color:

Yellow - 1
Green - 0
Blue - 4
Red - 3
Green - 0

Tap the keypad and solve level 32 with the code 10430

100 Zombies Level 33 Walkthrough
Three Red Question Marks

100 Zombies Level 33 Solution

There are 7 squares in the form of an H.
You need to tap them in the correct order.
If you tap correct, the square will be highlighted.
Make a mistake and you start over.

Here is the order:

Bottom left
Middle left
Middle right
Top left
Top right
Bottom right

100 Zombies Level 34 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Level 34 Solution
Start off by shaking your device.  One piece of wood will fall to the ground.
Now you will have 4 Roman Numerals.

The arrows show the order:

LII = 52
I = 1
IV = 4
I = 1

So  use the keypad with the code 52141

100 Zombies Level 35 Walkthrough
Flashing lights

100 Zombies Level 35 Solution
Look at the order of the lights as they turn on.
Get the number below the light to show this order.

If you tap fast enough you can change the values as they turn on.

Top row: 4 1 6
Bottom row: 2 3 5

Tap the door and continue to level 36.

100 Zombies Level 36 Walkthrough
90 Degree Angles

100 Zombies Level 36 Solution
Count the number of 90 degree angles in each shape:

Square: 4
Triangle: 0
L: 6
C: 5

Use the keypad with the code 4 0 6 5

100 Zombies Level 37 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Level 37 Solution
Break up the numbers at the bottom to give you the 4 angles you need:

Arrows tell you to go left to right:

Top Left: 225
Bottom left: 45
2nd from the top: 180
Bottom right: 315

Now change the angle of each circle arrow to the above mentioned angle:
So, from left to right:
1. 225 Degrees = 5 clicks
2. 45 Degrees = 1 click
3. 180 Degrees = 4 clicks
4. 315 Degrees = 7 clicks

100 Zombies Level 38 Walkthrough
1 2 3 Spotlights

100 Zombies Level 38 Solution
Tap each door twice.
When all the doors are open, tap anyone of them to solve level 38.
If you tap an open door before all 3 are open, then you will get "game over" and have to redo the level.

100 Zombies Level 39 Walkthrough
4 Pots

100 Zombies Level 39 Solution
Take the ax from below the pot on the shelf.
Use the ax to smash the 4 pots.
You will see the directional letters: S W E N

Slide with your finger in these directions.  Each correct direction will switch on one of the top lights:
South (top to bottom), West (right to left), East (left to right), North (bottom to top)

Door will open and you can solve level 39!

100 Zombies Level 40 Walkthrough
Follow the pattern on the floor

100 Zombies Level 40 Solution
Tap the 4 squares in the direction the map is drawn.
Notice that the 2 arrows... Right will be Up.

This is the order:

Up Right Up
Right Down Right
Up Up Left
Left Up Right
Right Right Down
Right Up Up
Left Up Left
Down Left Up
Up Right Up
Left Up Left

Well done!  Level 40 solved.

Follow this link to the solutions for other levels of 100 Zombies

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