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Splendid House Escape Walkthrough

Splendid House Escape Walkthrough
Splendid House Escape Solution

About Splendid House Escape:
The 377th escape game from 123bee.com. You have been trapped inside splendid house and have to escape from the place. Use the clues and objects to come out of the room.  You can play the Windows platform version for free from here.

Guide, Solution, Tips, Tricks, Walkthrough, Cheats, Help, Detailed full explanation with answers to the puzzles.

Solution starts here.

Your game starts in the yellow bedroom.

Open the top brown drawer on the left and take a battery from the orange box.  Take the other 2 batteries as well.
Open the drawer on the left next to the bed, and take the green wire roll.

Take the red alligator clip from the top of the curtain.

Go right into the kitchen.

Zoom on on the counter top and take the green alligator clip from next to the wine bottle.
Zoom in on the top shelf and take another red alligator clip.
Take the 3 batteries from the center drawer.

Go right into the peach bedroom.

Zoom in on the shelf above the bed.  Take the golden key next to the hair conditioner.
Use this golden key to open the drawer under the bed.

Take the pliers (or is it yellow alligator clips?).

Take the blue cellotape from next to the green alarm clock on the desk.
Take the paper piece from the pot under the desk.

Go right to the bathroom.

Take the paper piece from the bottle in the top shelf.
Take the cardboard from the cupboard under the sink.
Take the 2nd green Alligator Clip from the toilet.

Take the scissors form the shelf at the window.

Zoom in on the paper piece.
Add the pieces together.

Look at the clue: smallest to largest:
Red Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange.

Go to the peach bedroom and open the cupboard with the code Red Blue Green Yellow Orange.

Take the pencil lead box from inside.
Open the pencil lead box, click it to open, then take a pencil lead.

Zoom on on the green wire.
Click the wire to unroll.
Use the yellow pliers on the wire.  It will cut and prepare 2 lengths.
Take the 2 pieces of wire.

Zoom in on the cardboard.
Use the scissors on it to cut it in half.
Take the one half.

Zoom in on the green alligator clip. If you cannot zoom in, try the other one.
Add a red alligator clip.
Attach a wire

Add the other green and red alligator clips.
Attach the other wire:

Take the 2 sets of cables.

Zoom in on the cardboard roll.
Add the 2 sets of cables
Use the cellotape to strap them together.

Take the contraption.

Zoom in on a battery.
Add all 5 so that there are 6 in the row.
I had to add them to the left.
Use the cellotape to tape them together.

Take the battery pack.

Zoom in on the wire contraption.
Add the battery pack.
Add the pencil lead to the top.
It takes 57 seconds to burn the lead...

Go to the kitchen and zoom in on the kitchen door.

Use the code 57 to open the door.

Well done on a great escape!
Walkthrough completed.

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