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Residential House Escape Walkthrough

Walkthrough and Solution for Residential House Escape Game.

Tips, tricks, guide, solution, cheats, and all you need to solve Residential House Escape.  Answers to all the puzzles with detailed explanations. Screen prints with a step-by-step guide.
If you are stuck, read on, and get unstuck!

About Residential House Escape: The 374th escape game from 123bee.com. As you are locked in a Residential House, you will have to find a way out to escape from the house by using objects found in the house. Good luck and have fun!  You can play "Residential House Escape" on the Windows platform for free. Follow this link.

Your adventure starts in a minimalistic lounge with a fire place:

Zoom in on the fireplace and take the letter P.
Zoom in on the cupboard and open the left-most door.  Take the gold key.

Go left and enter the Couch Room.

Zoom in on the right-bottom of the couch.  Take the letter E.

Take the AC Remote from the shelf.

Go right then right again and enter the bedroom.

Nothing here for now, so go right again and enter the kitchen.

Open the drawer of the center table and take another gold key.

Open the cupboard above the oven with one of the golden keys.

Take the screwdriver from inside.

Take the voltage stabiliser from the shelf at the TV screen.

There is a drawer below the shelf under the TV that you can open.
Use the other golden key.

Take the remote from inside.

Zoom in on the voltage stabilizer.
Use the screwdriver to unscrew.
Take the letter E from inside.

Zoom in on the left gauge to see code 345.

Zoom in on the remote.
Open the battery cover and take the 2 batteries.

Zoom in on the AC Remote.
Open the battery compartment.
Insert the 2 batteries.
Close the battery compartment.

Go all the way left to the couch room.
Zoom in on the aircon unit above the door.
Use the AC Remote on the aircon.

You will see code 19.

Go right 2 screens to the Bedroom.
Zoom in on the top of the stairs.
Open the drawer with code 19.

Take the red book from inside.

Read the book and take the paper from inside.
Read the paper.

Will use the paper later to convert letters to numeric numbers.

Go right to the kitchen.
Open the top left cupboard with the code 345.

Take the teddy and the letter S from inside.

Zoom in on the teddy.

Unscrew the leg.
Zoom in on the leg to see number 16.

Go left to the bedroom.
Open the desk drawer with the code 16.

Take the letter C and the mirror from inside.

Zoom on on the mirror.
Turn it around.
Unscrew with the screwdriver.
Take the letter A.

Zoom in on a letter.
Drag all the letters to spell the word "ESCAPE".
Use the paper with the codes to decrypt ESCAPE to the code 513175.

Open the dark brown drawer with the code 513175.

Take the golden heart key from inside.

Go to the lounge.
Zoom in on the front door.
Use the golden heart key to unlock and escape!

Well done on solving "Residential House Escape".

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