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Strange Forest Escape Walkthrough

Strange Forest Escape Walkthrough
Strange Forest Escape Solution

About Strange Forest Escape:
he 379th escape game from 123bee.com. A scientist wants to write about the life of tribal people, unfortunately car is stuck in this strange forest. Help him to escape from this place with the available clues and objects.  You can play the Windows version for free from here.

Here is the guide, solution, walkthrough, tips, tricks, cheats, and all the answers you need to solve strange forest escape!

After the animation...
You start where your jeep gets stuck in the mud.

Zoom in on the car and take the bag
Zoom in on the bag then take the rope.   Take the light from the bottom compartment.
Take the axe from high up in the tree.
Use the axe to chop off to top right branch from the same tree

Take the wood piece.
Zoom in on the wood and use the axe on it to sharpen it.
Take the shapren wood.

Go Right.
You arrive at the estate gate.

Pick up the boomerang from the ground, just right of the gate.
Zoom in on the wall to the left of the gate.
Use the rope.
Climb down the rope then pick a flower.

Zoom in on the wall on the right.
Use the wood to take the rock out.

Take the silver circle.
Zoom in on the silver circle.
Click on the center X.  Now it looks like a circular key.

Go through the gates to the house.

Enter the house through the big red doors.
Use the light in the room.
Use the boomerang in the room.  This will change the mirrors so that you have good light.

Zoom in on the pot plant.
Insert the flower from your inventory into the "gold bar" just below the plant.
This will open the statue's secret compartment.

Take the hammer from the statue.

Go right.
A dark fire place room.

Use the light in the room.  It will light it up a little then disappear.

Zoom in on the fireplace.
Use the hammer on the bricks.  
The hammer will do some chiseling and you will have more light.

At the bottom of the stairs there is a new hammer.  Take this hammer.

Zoom in on the locker lever in the center of the room.
Use the hammer on the lever.

Take the box.
Zoom in on the box.
Use the circular key to open the box.
Take the skull hand from inside the box.

Zoom in on the skull hand.
Take the diamond.

Exit the house.
Go right.
You are now at the Tribal Man.

Zoom in on the Tribal Man.
Give him the diamond.
He will give you a rope.

Zoom in on his tent and take the anchor.
Zoom in on the anchor and attach the rope.
Take the anchor-rope

Go back to your car.
Zoom in on the center tree.
Use the rope-anchor on the tree.
This will get your car out!

Congratulations on another great escape.

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