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100 Zombies Level 1 to 10 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Walkthrough
100 Zombies Solution

Levels 1 to 10
Tips tricks guide howto help
All the answers to solve 100 Zombies!

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100 Zombies Level 1 Walkthrough
Green oil spill

100 Zombies Level 1 Solution
Tap the door and there will be light.
Solve level 1 by tapping on the door

100 Zombies Level 2 Walkthrough
Yellow oil spill

100 Zombies Level 2 Solution
Pick up the access card from the floor
Use the access card on the door
Solve level 2 by tapping on the door

100 Zombies Level 3 Walkthrough
4 lights

100 Zombies Level 3 Solution
You need to switch on the top 4 lights to solve level 3.
Tap the 4 squares on the wall.
Once all 4 lights are on, the door will open and you can tap it to complete level 3.

100 Zombies Level 4 Walkthrough
Fingerprint scanner

100 Zombies Level 4 Solution
Tap and hold the red fingerprint scanner.
You need to hold it about 5 seconds.
Level 4 solved!

100 Zombies Level 5 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Level 5 Solution
There are 3 Roman Numerals on the wall:
IX: 9
IV: 4
III: 3

Use the keypad with the code 943 to solve level 5.

100 Zombies Level 6 Walkthrough
Red light district

100 Zombies Level 6 Solution
Wait a few seconds
You will see a zombie
The screen will go black and when color returns
you will see a switch to the left of the door.
Tap the switch and you have solved level 6.

100 Zombies Level 7 Walkthrough
Planks on the door

100 Zombies Level 7 Solution
Look at the hint on the floor.
You need to turn your device all around clockwise or anti-clockwise
The crowbar will then fall to the floor.
Pick up the crowbar then use it on the planks on the door.
Tap the door open and level 7 will be solved!

100 Zombies Level 8 Walkthrough
Zombie in the mirror

100 Zombies Level 8 Solution
You have a few seconds to solve this level.
If you run out of time, you will see "game over" screen.
Tap this screen to try again.

To solve level 8:
Move the red curtain to the left, to cover the zombie.
Tap the door and level is solved.

100 Zombies Level 9 Walkthrough
Crowbar in the passage

100 Zombies Level 9 Solution
Pick up the crowbar.
Use the crowbar, with a slice action from the wooden beam up
If you do it wrong, it will just go up and come back down.
If correct, it will fall down.
Tap the door and off you go to the next level.

100 Zombies Level 10 Walkthrough
Defuse the bomb

100 Zombies Level 10 Solution
You have 20 seconds to defuse the bomb.
If you run out of time, it will be "game over"!
In this case, just tap the screen and try again.

Tap on the fuse box.
Solve the pip-problem (build a continuous flow from top left to bottom right).
Tap the door and level 10 will be solved!

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