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Doctor House Escape Walkthrough

Doctor House Escape Walkthrough
Doctor House Escape Solution

Tips, tricks, cheats, howto, guide to solve Doctor House Escape Game.
Detailed explanations to the puzzles.  If you are stuck, this walkthrough will assist you from start to finish.

About Doctor House Escape:
The 376th escape game from 123bee.com. A patient went for consultation to the doctor's house. At that time,doctor got an emergency call. He forgot about the patient and left the house by locking him inside. Help the patient to escape from the house using the available clues and objects. Have fun!
You can play this room-escape game for free from the 123Bee website  here.

Walkthrough Solution Starts HERE -->

The adventure starts in the Doctor's Lounge.

Open the drawer under the white and red vase and take 2 batteries.
Zoom in on the telephone. (If you zoomed in on the table, zoom out and zoom in straight on the phone)

Code 101.

Go left into the bedroom.

Zoom in on the shelf, the right-hand shelf against the left-hand-side wall.
Take the golden key from the top of the shelf.

Open the drawer at the very left corner of the room by using the golden key.

Take the mirror from inside the drawer.

Open the top drawer on the left by using the 101 code from the telephone.

Take the extension box from inside.

Open the drawer next to the door.
Take the toolbox from inside.
Open the toolbox and take the electric drill.

Go right to the lounge, then right again to the dining room.

Take the bottle from on top of the drawers on the right.
Take the candle stand from on top of the fireplace.
Take the nut cutter from the top of the fireplace.
Take the hammer on the floor next to the couch.

Go right into the modern kitchen.

Zoom in on the shelf on the right and take a nail.
Take the wooden piece on top of the picture board.
Open the cupboard and take the drill bit.
Take the golden key next to the microwave.

Go left to the dining room.
Open the drawer using the golden key.

Take the first aid box from inside the drawer.
Zoom in on the first aid kit.
Open the box.
Take the medicine box, syringe, and paper piece.

Open the medicine box and take a capsule.

Zoom in on the capsule.
Open the capsule using the nut cutter.
Use the syringe on the capsule.

Zoom in on the bottle.
Remove the lid.

Count the pills- there are 12.

Zoom in on the paper.

(Syringe,  Pill Bottle) = 5 12

Go left to the lounge.
Zoom in on the locker on the right wall.
Use code 512 to open.

Take the brass key from inside the locker.

Go left to the bedroom.

Open the bottom right drawer with the brass key.

Take the torch from inside.

Zoom in on the torch light.
Click it to open the battery compartment.
Insert the 2 batteries.
Close the battery compartment.
Put the torch back in your inventory.

Go to the lounge.
Zoom in on the socket at the TV,
Insert the socket box.

Zoom in on the electric drill.
Insert the drill bit.

Take the electric drill and insert into the socket.

It will automatically drill a hole in the wall.

Insert the wooden piece in the hole.
Hammer it in.
Add the nail.  The hammer will tap it in.
Add the mirror.

Zoom out.
Zoom in on the coffee table.
Place the candle holder on the "X" next to the phone.
Add the torch.
The torch will shine and open up a cabinet.

Take the front-door key.

Zoom in on the front-door.
Open the door with the key.

Congratulations on solving the Doctors Room Escape.  
Hope you enjoyed my WALKTHROUGH.


  1. WOW! Thank you Mr Maakal. The game has only been released for an hour or so and you already have the walkthrough. Well done on solving it so quickly. I was stuck on the telephone... could not read the 101 clearly. Following your walkthrough I zoomed out from the coffee table and zoomed in on the phone. Problem solved. Thank you!!!

  2. Thank you for this easy to follow walkthrough of the docter house escape. Appreciate.