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Mr Bean Escape Game Walkthrough

Mr Bean Escape Walkthrough

Mr Bean Escape Solutions

Almost every person in the world will know the famous comedian Mr Bean!  
Here is the walkthrough for the popular room escape game: Mr Bean Escape.

About Mr Bean Escape:
The 156th Escape Game from 123Bee.com. Our famous character Mr.Bean is again put in trouble, by his usual foe. He is trapped inside his house. Help him now, to find his way out of that place,by using the clues and objects.  You can play the Windows platform version for free here.

Walkthrough starts here:
After some animation, the adventure starts in the TV room.

Zoom in on the time piece on top of the TV.  Turn it on and it will show the time 12:00
Zoom in on the top shelf.  Flip some books and you will find a box of matches to take.
Zoom in on the wall clock.  Click the clock hands to adjust it to 12:00.  The cookoo bird will jump out. And drop a piece of paper on the floor. Take the piece of paper.

Take the binoculars from the bottom left desk drawer.
Take the white type from the bottom right desk drawer.
Take a cracker from the bottom drawer under the TV.
Tale the hacksaw blade from the lower right drawer under the shelf.

Go through the door on the left and enter the bathroom.

Zoom in on the hand shower.
Use the hacksaw blade to cut a piece off. 
Pick up the pipe.

Exit the bathroom then go left to the Fire Place Room.

Open the drawers on the right.  You need to take: a net,  an aeroplane toy,  a Remote.
Open the drawers on the left. You need to take: a rope, a car toy.
Take the vacuum cleaner in the lower right corner.

Go left to the room where you started.
Use the net to catch the fish.

Go back to the fireplace room.

Zoom in on the locked door on the left.
Insert the fire cracker in the key hole.

Zoom in on the match box.
Take a match.
Strike the match against the box to light it.
Take the burning match.
Use the burning match on the cracker.
Now you can enter the bedroom.  Enter the bedroom.

Zoom in on the fish bowl.
Add the fish.
The fish will have a fist fight and you can take the key.

Use the key to unlock the drawer below the fish bowl.

Take the piece of paper from inside.

Open the big cupboard and take the fishing pole.
Move the clothes and take the white pouch.
Open the pouch and take a paper piece.

Zoom in on the top right corner of the window.  Take the rod.

Take a rod from under the bed.  You need to click it a few times to come out and then take it.
Take the apple at the night lamp.  Switch off the lamp. Take the bulb.

Take the merry-go-round from the cupboard under the night lamp.

Exit the bedroom.
Zoom in on the fireplace.
Place the airplane on the floor facing the "ramp" to the fireplace.
Place the remote next to it:

Click the remote.

The airplane will take off and loosen some goodies in the chimney for your.
Pick up the 2 toys at the base of the chimney.

Zoom in on the merry-go-round and attach the missing 2 toys.
The merry-go-round will go around a few times and then the right drawer will open up.

Take the silver key and the piece of paper from inside.

Go to the TV Room

Zoom in on the window
Give the apple to the worm
The worm will eat it and give you a golden key.  Key is at the flower on the right.
Take the key.

Place the red car to the right of the open drawer under the TV.
Attach the rope to the car.
Click the rope.

Use the golden key on the car.

The car will take off and pull down the blind.
A paper piece will drop down from the blind.
Pick up the paper piece.

Next to the fridge is a hole.
Zoom in and use the binoculars to take a closer look.
Click the hole to zoom in on the key.

Insert the pipe in the hole.  Insert around the top.
Place the vacuum cleaner on top, to the right of the hole.
Click the vacuum cleaner to get into position and it will suck up the key.
Take the key from the vacuum cleaner.

Use the key to open the fridge.
Take the cake from the fridge.

Go left to the fire place room.
Zoom in on the hole top right.
Use the binoculars to zoom in.
Click in to zoom in on the ants.

Insert the cake at the top.

An ant will bring you a piece of paper.  Take the piece of paper from the ant.

Now you have enough papers.
Click on them to zoom in.
Adjust the paper pieces to form a rectangle.
The pieces will snap in place if correct.
You will see code 0118.
Use the sticky tape to keep the pieces in position.
(If you miss this part, then the code will not work)
Take the paper piece with the code.  We will use it later.

Open the locker door next to the fridge.
Use the code 0118 on the door.

Pick up 3 pieces of rope
Attach one rod to the right window.  Secure it with a rope.
Attach the other rod to the left window.  Secure it with a rope.
Attach the 3rd rope to the rod in the middle above the trap door.
Use the fishing pole on the rope:

Click the fishing pole to lift the trap door.

Enter the trap door.

Ah! You will see Mr Bean's famous car.

Zoom in on the light in the top left corner.
Add the bulb.
Use the paper piece on the lamp to project on the engine.

Take a hammer from the tool display on the right.
Zoom in on the bonnet. (Click to the left of the screwdrivers)
Open the bonnet with the hammer!
Tap each wire going to the battery to fix them.

Zoom out and click to the left of the car.

Use the key to unlock the lock on the door.
Click the door to climb into the car.
Press the red ignition button.

And off you go!

Congratulations on a great escape!


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