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Awesome House Escape Walkthrough

Awesome House Escape Walkthrough
Awesome House Escape Solution

About Awesome House Escape:
The 380th escape game from 123bee.com. Imagine as your brother got trapped in a risky awesome house. Find out the possible ways to make him escape from the place as soon as possible so that you score high. Have great fun with quick escape! You can play the Windows version here for free.  Here is the walkthrough, solution, help, answers, explanations, and a guide to solve all the puzzles.

You start in the open-plan lounge/bedroom.

Open the top drawer on your left and take the conical flask.
Take the plastic glass from the bottom bunker bed.

Go left to the green-and-blue chair lounge.

Take the plastic glass from the stool.
Take the white key from under the brown pillow.

Go left into the grey lounge.

Take the glass next to the flower vase.
Take the plastic cup from the couch on the left.
Take the gold key from the shelf under the television.
Take the card reader and battery from the couch on the right.

Go back right to the green-and-blue chair lounge.
Open the locker on the wall with the golden key.

Take the memory card from inside.

Go right to the open-plan lounge/bedroom.
Open the cupboard using the white key

Take the cabbage.

Go right to the pink room.

Take the baking soda from the bottom of the cupboard on the left below the tap.
Zoom in on the wash basin.
Use the glass on the tap.
Open the tap to fill the glass with water.  Take the glass.

Take vinegar and washing soda from the cupboard
Take the knife from inside the cupboard.

Zoom in on the glass with water.
Add the cabbage.
Use the knife on the cabbage,
Take the glass with pieces of cabbage.

Go left to the open-plan lounge/bedroom.
Open the microwave.
Insert the glass with cabbage.
Close the microwave door.
Open the door.

Take the hot cabbage drink.
Add it to the flask.
Take the flask.

Zoom in on a plastic cup.
Add all the cups.  There should be 3 in a row.
Add the baking soda, washing soda, and vinegar to the 3 cups.
Add the flask with cabbage water to the cups.
Now you see 3 colors:

Go to the pink room.
Open the locker above the wash basin with the color combination: blue brown green.

Take the cellphone.

Zoom in on the mobile phone.
Click it to turn it around.
Open the back compartment.
Insert the battery
Replace the cover.
Turn it around.
Insert the memory card.

You will see the message 07.07 and cannot open the folder.

Zoom in on the card reader,
Remove the cap.
Insert the memory card.
Take the card reader.

Insert the card reader into the PC.
It will load Windows 7 and you will see the number to dial:


Zoom in on the cellphone.
Dial the number: 6787654349

You will get the password for the main door: 7777

Go left to the open-plan lounge/bedroom.
Zoom in on the main door.
Open with the code 7777.

Well done on a great escape!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Andre for the awesome walkthrough for the awesome house escape. I missed one of the cups! haha. So silly. Was actually a very easy room escape game. haha.