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Charlie Sheen Saw Escape Walkthrough

The full step-by-step instructional walk through solution for the windows based point-and-click room escape game Charlie Sheen Saw Escape.  Detailed explanations with help, screen prints, and a full guide that will assist you if you are stuck.  You can play Charlie Sheen Saw Escape here.

About Charlie Sheen Saw Escape:  The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Charlie Sheen and is keeping him captive inside a mental institution full of dangerous creatures.  Help him escape before it's too late!  Read the below walkthrough to help you escape... alive!

Charlie Sheen Saw Walktrhough starts here:

After the intro...

You start in the yellow room with a TV display screen.
Take the match from the floor.

Move forward through the door.

Take the mannequin in the corner.
Take the box of matches behind the leftmost robot.

Notice the sign above the left door.  There are 3 faces:  sad angry sad...  You need to talk to the robot.  Response 1 = angry, 2 = happy, 3 = sad.  So from left to right, talk to the robots and select 3,1,3.

This will open the door on the left.

Go left to the Mad Hatter.

Take the ring in the top left corner.
Talk to the mad hatter to learn he makes copies of keys.
Go out.

Open the middle door - happy (2), sad (3), happy (2)

Open the right door - angry(1), happy(2), angry (1)

Go through the middle door.

Take the pink t-shirt.
Put the t-shirt on the mannequin.

Go forward.

Get the dark glasses and the fuel without getting killed.   You need to do some up-and-down movement between the lanes to try to get out of the way.  Once you have the fuel and glasses, go out back to the tiger.

Use the fuel on the ring.
Use the match on the box of matches
Use the lighted match on the ring.
Use the light ring on the tiger.

The tiger will jump through the hoop.  This will open the door on the right.
Take the alarm clock with remote from behind the box where the tiger used to sit.

Go right.

Take the glue from the floor.
Use the dark glasses on Jason.
Go out.

Go left.

Use the glue on the X on the floor.
Walk over the line to the left.
Now you have 3 seconds so be quick!  Take the wristwatch from the ventriloquist.
Talk to the ventriloquist and select borrow something.  You will get a camera.
Take the ladder.

Go out.
Go right to Jason.
Use the camera on the key to take a photo of the key.  The sunglasses will prevent the flash from wakening him.

Go out, out, then left to the Mad Hatter.

Give the photo of the key to the Mad Hatter.
Give the wristwatch to the Mad Hatter.
You will get a key.

Go out, forward, and right to Jason.
Open the green door with the key.

Go right to the bedroom.

Put the alarm clock on the bed-side table.
Go south.

Take the rope.
Put the ladder against the wall at the X.
Go South.

Take the bucket.  Get some water in the bucket from the well.
Take the green pair of shorts behind the well and put them on the mannequin.

Go up.
Go up.
Go right.

Take the ball, remote controller and magnet, but only when the red is in the next quadrant.
Go out.

Go South.
Climb the ladder
Put the magnet on the X.  It will pull the cage next door towards you.
Climb down.
Take the ladder.

Go forward, left to Jason.
Go left. South, Right.

The Evil Joker will pull the trigger and catch himself in his cage.
Take the glove.

Go left, forward.
Go right to Jason and right again.
You are now in the bedroom.
Use the bed...and get ready to use the rope.

You need to catch Freddy - throw the rope when he is on the X.  If you grab him, press the button immediately to ring the alarm - you and Freddy will return to the bedroom, then run left to Jason.   It is tricky to throw the rope at the correct moment.

Now Jason and Freddy will be gone.
Climb back in bed.
Take the green pipe and  blue vest.  Put the vest on the mannequin.
Ring the alarm to return to the bedroom.

Go South, South, Right - to Chucky.

Use the ball on the X.
Pull both levers so that Chucky fall down the trap door.

Take the bowling ball behind the fan.

Go South

Use the ladder at the hole.
Climb the ladder and use the pipe ont he hole.
Climb down.
Use the control.  (select control)

Move pipesaw to the room on the right, then move up and a bit right.  The vilian needs to stand in the circle when he hits pipesaw.  Then you have 10 seconds to climb the ladder and throw the bowling ball into the pipe.

Climb down and go right.
Go right again to the Blue Teletubby,

Use the fully clothed mannequin on the door going North.
The mannequin will be trapped (and not you!)

Now you can enter again.  Use the baseball glove and catch all the balls...
After 5 rounds the man will take a short break.  Use the glove on him to throw back one of his explosive balls...

Throw the bucket with water over the antenna to break at and stop the transmission to blue telletubby.
Go out.

Go right pass the friendly tubby.
3 hours later...

Congratulations on solving Sharlie Sheen Saw Escape game.
I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough solution.
Use the comments below if you need more help.

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