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Bart Simpson Saw Walkthrough

Here is the full walkthrough solution for the windows flash point-and-click room escape game Bart Simpson Saw Game.  You can play this escape game here.  This guide will provide you with help, detailed explenations, and a step-by-step walkthrough.. If you are stuck in the game, then this walkthrough will help you to escape... alive.

About Bart Simpson Saw Game: The evil puppet Pigsaw has trapped poor Bart inside his very own school along with some of the most evil characters of Springfield.  Help him find a way out before's too late!

Bart Simpson Saw Walkthrough starts here:

After the intro, select any options in your conversation with Pigsaw... let the game begin!

You start in the classroom at the famous blackboard where Bart normally do his write outs...

Open the door and go out.

Take "Santa's little helper" - the dog.
There are 5 doors.   Let's number them 1,2,3,4,5 (from left to right).
Enter door #2.

Take the yellow paper nailed to the wall.  Read the note to see: Moe: 282930.
Take the glass cup on top of the set of drawers.
Go out.

Enter door #3.  The music room.

Take the lighter from the piano.
Take the triangle against the right wall.
Go out.

Enter door #4.  The janitor's room.

Take the blue battery - bottom left.
Take the glass hidden behind the cupboard.
Take the trolly.
Take the poison from the bottom shelf.  Make a deadly drink by cobining the poison with a cup.  Do the same with the other cup.

Go out.

Place the trolly on the floor.
Add the 2 piosoned cups to the trolley.
Push the trolley... Itchy and Scratchy should drink it...

Enter door #5.

Take the bomb.
Go right...

and immediately use the triangle on Kang.

Take the cellphone charger.
Go right.

Take the cellphone in the corner.
Go left, left, left.
Enter door #2.

Insert the charger into the outlet on the left wall.
Use the cellphone on the desk at the charger cord to charge it for a few seconds.
Take the phone.
Use the phone
Phone Moe 282930:

Choose option 1.  Is Al there?
Phone again and choose option 2.  Is Oliver there?
Phone again and choose option 3.  Is Mister Freely there?

Go out, right, right, right.

Go forward.

Light the garbage with the lighter.
Place the scateboard on the floor.
Phone Moe and tell him there is a fire in the building.

Take the skate.
Go right.

Take the replica of Pigsaw from behind the counter.
Put the bomb inside the Pigsaw replica.
Go left, left.

Place the skate on the floor.
Put the bombed-replica-of-Pigsaw on the scate
Light the bomb

Go right.
Go forward.

Once you are tied to the bed, use Santa's little helper.
Jump on the cupboard, then on the lamp, then to the top shelf.
Walk and push the bowling ball onto the Bart-look-a-like.
Jump back onto the lamp, cupboard and down.
Use the "mouth" icon on the ropes that tied Bart down.
Take the shoe.  Take the bowling ball.
Take the pichers from behind the cupboard.
Go out.

Go left, left.
Take the uranium bar with the pinchers.

Go right, right, right.
Go right.

Put the uranium bar in the battery.
Connect the battery to the bottom right cable.

Go right.

Choose option 1.  Then option 3.. What a shame... to think I was going to a rock concert today.
After Bob shock himself...
Take the knife.  Use the knife on the chair.
Remove the head connector.
Take the rope and the knife.

Look ath the 4 center lights... they have numbers on them: 4 6 3 8.
Use the keypad and enter the code 4 6 3 8 OK

Congratulations on solving Bart Simpson Saw escape.

I hope you enjoyed my detailed walkthrough.


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