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Sneak Thief 3 Tripple Trouble Walkthrough

Full walkthrough solution for the windows point and click adventure escape game: Sneak Thief 3 Tripple Trouble.  This is the 3rd episode in the thief escape series.  In Sneak Thief Tripple Trouble you need to search, collect, and escape!  This guide will help you escape if you are stuck.  If you need more help or detailed explanations, then please use the comments section below.  Play Sneak Thief 3 Tripple Trouble here.

Watch the intro... after your escape from the submarine in episode 2, you washed out on an island and then enter the secret chamber...

Take the rubber hose from the green poison bottle.
Look at the display video and you will see a code at the bottom... Takes a few seconds to come.
28 3 80 for me.

Open the blue door then enter.

Zoom in on the cactus plants.
Remove them all.
Take the note.
Flip the one on the left again to get the flower pot.
Take the flower stand.

Take the long fire hose from the red box on the right wall.
While zoomed into the red box, take the key on the bottom left.
Read the note to see a code.. I have 17 1 82

Go forward to the 3 doors.

Open the door on the left and enter.

Take the nobel prize from the desk.
Take the mirror from the wall.
Take the camera.
Take the movie reels.

Use the pink machine and enter the code you saw on the display: 28 3 80
Take the security card.

Take the middle door.

Zoom in on the pink machine on the wall.
Enter the code from the paper:  17182.  Click OK.

Take the security card.

Go out.
Enter the door on the right.

Take the burner from the stool.  (First zoom in on the stool)
Take the gas tank next to the stool.
Take the projector from the right shelf.

Add the burner to the small hose to the gas tank.

Zoom in on the cupboard.
Use the key to open the cupboard:

Take the short fire hose.

Go back to the middle room
Zoom in behind the desk and the onto the safe.
Use the burner to open the safe:

Take the glowing ball.
Put the glowing ball in the pot.

Put the nobel prize man into the top hole of the desk.
Insert the security card.  Inser the other card.

Take the blue print.

Go to the left room.
Enter the testing room on the left.

Hang the mirror on the wall.
Put the flower stand in the center.
Load the film in the camera
Put the camera on the stand (bottom left)
Add the projector to the stand (bottom right)
Put the pot-with-glowing-ball on the top of the stand.
Attach the small fire hose top right.
Attach the big fire hose on the left.

Click the camera to roll!
You will start cloning yourself!  :-)

Well done on escaping from Sneak Thief Tripple Challenge.
I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough solution.

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