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Escape Plan High Rise Walkthrough

Here is the step-by-step walkthrough solution for the windows point-and-click room-escape game Escape Plan High Rise.  If you are stuck, then this will help you escape safely in the comfort of your home.  If you need more help or detailed explanations, then please use the comment section below. You can play Escape Plan High Rise here.

You were sleeping and then you wake up... in a High Rise!  Now you need to escape...

Take a quarter from the grey machine, then insert it into the sweets machine.  Take the gumball.

Read the yellow sign:
Humphries High Rise
Built in 2008
926 Ft Tall

Open the red toolbox using the code 926 that you read on the sign.
Take the silver key from the toolbox.

Move the tree then use the key to open the cabinet.
Use the gumball to secure the wires.
Flip the red switch.
Exit the room!

At Juicy Burger Room:

Click the employee and he will tell you that he will help you if you clean up a couple of things...

Turn the pepper up on the left table.
Take the empty cup on the floor at the right table.  Throw it in the trash can.
Take the mop and clean the spillage on the floor.

Take the piece of wood behind the employee.
Take the bottle of cleaner on the counter.  Spray it on the mustard spill.
Use the piece of wood to clear the mustard.

Pick up the missing tile bottom left corner.  Replace it close to the exit door.
Get the key from the employee.
Use the key on the exit door to exit.

At the paint room:

Move the blue cloth and take the paintbrush.

Look at the "Under Construction" sign.
Notice the black bars in the UND of UNDER.

Adjust the mechanizm on the silver toolbox the same way.
From left to right, tap them 1, 2, 1, 3, 1 time.
Take the silver key.
Use the key to open the door.
Take the hose and conenct it to the tap.

Paint the pannel blue, white, and green by dipping the paintbrush in the paint, paint the panel, then rinse the brush in the water.  You will get a code:  Mine is blue 6 white 4 green 8.
Open the blue box using this code.
Get the wheel from the box.

Put the wheel on the scaffold and push it to the right.  Push at the top left if you struggle to move it.
Move the blue paint to get a screwdriver.
Use the screwdriver on the vent.
Enter the vent to escape.

At the Arcade:

Look at the code 6179 under the word ARCADE.  You can zoom in on it to see better,
Remove the bottom towel from the trolly then openthe grey box that was covered by the towel.
Adjust the 4 knobs:  Look at the color and match it with the same color number.  Imagine the knobs are the hand of a watch so 9 will be left, 6 will be down, 1 will by up-right and 7 will be down-left.

Open the white box inside and get a key.
Use the key to unclock the Arcade gate.
Take the quarter from the brad bros machine.
Use the quarter in the Super Claw machine to get a cellphone.
Switch on the phone to see the last call: 691-5724.
Use that code on the keypad to exit.

In the cake shop:

Move the cakes on the low table to get a screwdriver.
Use the screwdriver to pry open the door of this table.  You will see a yellow box inside.

Look at the sale sign.  The order of the the letters = Yellow Blue Green Red.  Count the points of each color stars then you will get Yellow: 6, Blue: 9, Green: 7, Red: 5.

Open the yellow box with the code 6975.
Take the laptop battery and insert it into the laptop.
Open the laptop and click the file folder.
You will see a color sequence:

green, purple, red, yellow, cyan, orange.

Click on the till and click this same sequence.
The till will open and you can take the key.

Unlock the axe with the key.
Take the axe and break the chains on the exit door.

Great Job!
You have escaped the high rise and are safely back on the ground.


  1. How do you empty your hands though?

    1. You click on the inventory bar.

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