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The Ballad of Ketinetto 4 Walkthrough

Full step by step walktrough solution to help you solve the Windows point-and-click room escape adventure: The Ballad of Ketinetto part 4 - rescue the prisoner.   You can play for free The Ballad of Ketinetto 4 here.   This guide will include detailed explanations and all the help that you need to solve this game.  If you need more help, then please use the comment section below.

You got rescued by fisherman and start episode 4 of your adventure on the ship out at sea:
Have a look around.  Later in the game you will be asked about where the octopus, bottle, flag, windows, boxes, and dolphin flag are located...

Go to the front part of the ship:

Take the duster.
Use the rope a couple of times to get a net.
Take the rope.
Tie the rope to the net.

Use the roped-net in the ocean on the right to get a bottle of oil.
Use the roped-net on the ocean on the left a few times to get a heavy boot.

Use the oil bottle on the swords above the door.
The bottle will fall and break.
Use the duster on the broken bottle to oil the duster.
Use the oily duster on the swords to get a sword.

Use the sword on the barrel.
Use the heavy boot on the hard bread to make crumbs.
Pick up the crumbs.

Go to the octupus.
Use the bread crumbs on the see, on the school of fish.
Use the net-and-rop on the saw fish.

Use the saw fish to open the hatch.

Enter the hatch:

Talk to the servant.
Take the large cloth.
Go out and use the cloth on the octupus to make it black.

Now enter the hatch.
The ghost will ask you a question... where is the bottle, or the flag...

If the octopus is West and the windows are East, where is the gray dolphin? N.
If the octopus is South and the flag is North, where are the boxes?  NE.
If the bottle is North and the flag is South, where is the octopus?   E.
If the bottle is North East and the windows are North, where is the octopus?  S
If the dolphin is North West and the octopus is South where is the flag? N
If the boxes are South West and the octopus is North, where is the flag?   S.
If the boxes are South and the octopus North, where is the bottle?  W.
If the windows are South and the octopus is North, where is the flag?  SE

 After you answered about 6 questions correctly...

Take the jar with termites.
Click on the door.
Use ther jar of termites on the door.

Climb up and get the woodpecker on the deck.
Go down and use the woodpecker on the door.
Speak to the prisoner
Press the switch behind you.

You have freed the prisoner!

Well done on solving Ballad of Ketinetto part 4.
I hope you enjoyed my little walkthrough full of hints!

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