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The Ballad of Ketinetto 6 Walkthrough

Full walkthrough solution for the windows flash point-and-click room escape adventure game: The ballad of Ketinetto 6.  The walkthrough will contain detailed explanations, a step-by-step guide, and screen prints of the important scenes.  You can play The ballad of Ketinetto 6 here.

The ballad of Ketinetto part 6 starts as you arrive on Totem island.

Take the bottle from the sea.

Talk to the skulls to learn what you need:
"Seawater with 3 reptile eggs add coconut milk  with leaves of plantitux. Drink the potion."

Take the plantitux plant (bottom right corner).
Take the loose branch on the pole at the skulls.
Take the coconut from the tree.

Zoom in on th coast.  The eare betwen the coconut tree and the skulls.
Use the branch in the sand to find the egg:

Find 2 more. You should now have 3 eggs.
Go back to the beach.

Break the coconut on the big rock under the coconut tree.
Add the 3 eggs to the bottle.
Add the broken coconut to the bottle.
Add the plant to the bottle.

Click on the tressures.

Talk to the man.
Take pollen from the flower bottom left.
Take the leaf from the rock just left of the tree.
Take another leaf from the bottom left corner and another one from the base of the plant closest to you.
Take a leaf from the branch above your head.  Take another from above the eal.
Take the fire stones at your feet.
Take the plant sticking out on the right of the tree.

Stick the plant into the small hole in the tree.
Lift the second stone from the left.  A fly will come out. Quickly add the pollen to the fly.

Open up another fly.
The fly will now fly over to the orange plant at the bottom and it will spit out green stuff.
Adjust the white flower next to you to catch the green stuff.  If it missed, adjust and send another fly.

Use the leaves on the stone - the one on the very left.
Move the cloud to above the leaves.
Use the fire stones on the leaves to make a fire.
Now the cloud will be dark.

Move the cloud so that it is between the reptile and the man.
Click the stone that releases the bubbles, then click the eal.
When the eal gets to the cloud, click it to create some rain.

Pick an apple.
Feed the apple to the top orange plant.  The plant will spit out red stuff that needs to drop into the white plant, so adjust the plant if needed.

Take the gum from the plant.
Feed the apple gum to the tree.
Pull the green plant lever (that you stuck in the hole).
A bubble will come out...

Well done on solving The Ballad of Ketinetto episode 6.
I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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