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The ballad of Ketinetto 3 Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough solution for episode 3 of the Ballad of Ketinetto.  Ballad of Kitinetto is a windows flash point-and-click room escape adventure game.  You can play The ballad of Ketinetto part 3 here.
This walkthrough will provide you with help, detailed explanantions and all you need to solve The ballad of Ketinetto 3.  For more help, use the comments section below.

Watch the intro.

The wave will take hom to the island where you will start the adventure.

Take the green fruit from the stand on the right.
Click on the boat to learn you need 10 coconuts to buy the boat.

Go into the island.

Take the rotten banana at the base of the tree close to the dog.
Say hello to the dog.

Go back to the coast.
Take the bone from the sea.  (It will tell you there is an object under the water).

Go into the island.

Give the bone to the dog.
Take the sock.

Go to the coast.
Use the dirty sock on the drink.
The guy will drink and spit it out onto the other guy.

Use the rotten bananna on the stone next to the anthill.
Use the apple on the stone next to the white-hair main.
The ants will climb into him.

Take the paper and dynamite.

Go into the island.
Use the dynamite on the door.
Use the paper on the sunbeam.
You need a magnifying glass...

Go to the coast.
Talk the whe white-hair man.  Talk some more until he hand his monocle to you.

Go into the island.

Use the monocle on the paper.
Now it will burn.
Use the burning paper on the dynamite.


Click on the Chafacoco
After the animation, go out and back to the beach.

Clink on the smoke bottom right.

Go to the dog.
Pick up 3 plants.

Enter the door.
Throw the 3 plants in the fire.  You will get 1 coconut.

Click on the Chafacoco

Go out.
Use the coconut on the sharp stones.

Go to the coast.
Take the parrot.  (On the bottom cocos sign on the right)
Combine the parrot with the broken coconut.

Go back to Chafacoco.
Give him the coconut.
He will give you a whole bunch of coconuts.

Go to the coast.
Give the coconuts to the man.

Well done on solving the Ballad of Ketinetto 3!

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