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Sneak Thief Prime Catch Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough solution for the Windows point-and-click room escape game Sneak Thief, episode Prime Catch.  The big boss wants to capture Professor Bellamy's all 5 inventions. Your mission is to bring the first one; the teleporter! Sneak into the house, find all the parts to rebuild the machine and teleport yourself right next to your boss to receive your prize! Good luck!  Play Sneak Thief Prime Catch here.
If you need more help or detailed explanations, then use the comment section below.

This Sneak Thief escape is the first episode in the series.

Watch the intro...

You start your adventure from the office...

Pick up the screwdriver from the floor.

Go right

Notice the clock is on 17:00

Zoom in on the vent.
Use the screwdriver to remove the cover

Take the cypher note.
Read the note:  670 (you might have a different code)

Go left and look ath the other side of the desk.
Remove the lock from the drawer by entering the same code.
Open the drawer:

Take the fish net.

Zoom in on the wall clock.
Set it to 17:00 as per the other big clock.
The front will fall off:

Take the clock body.

Go left.

Look at the monkey picture:
Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil.

Go back to the desk and adjust the 3 monkey hologram to match the pattern:

Take the blueprint scroll from the device in the center.

Go left, 1 screen left of the red telephone:

Take the light bulb from the lamp on the wall.
Take the knife.

Go right and zoom in on the telephone.
Cut the wire using the knife.
Take the wire.

Go left.  And left again.

Take the glass.

Go right.
Zoom in on the fish bowl.
Use the fish net on the fish bowl.
Take the fish tank... poor fish!

Go the the office.
Zoom in on the chair.
Use the knife to cut open the chair to get the diamond.

Go right to the door with the hat stand.

Study the blue print.
Place the fish bowl on the ground in front of the door.
Place the clock part on the hat stand.
Put the light bulb on top of the hat stand.
Connect the wire from the clock to the bowl.
Insert the diamond in the clock part!

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed this Sneak Thief Walkrhrough!

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