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The Ballad of Ketinetto 8 Walkthrough

The Ballad of Ketinetto episode 8.  Here is the full walkthrough solution for the Windows based point-and-click room escape game The Ballad of Ketinetto 8.  This guide will provide detailed explanations, screen prints, and all the help you need in a step-by-step format.  You can play The Ballad of Ketinetto 8 here.

You begin The Ballad of Ketinetto part 8 adventure here:

Take the red flower.
Take the blue flowers (the look grey, but they are blue).
Take the dry leaf from the grass and another from the tree and the 3rd dry leaf from the yellow sand.
Take the soft stone bottom right.
Take the cane.
Use the cane to get the rope high up in the tree.
Combine the cane and rope.

Use the cane-and-rope to get the yellow flower

Use Amber to speak to the crow.
"From the top to bottom...
Water dyed red, blue fire, the yellow moon and the red eye"

Put the leaves on the branch at the bottom.
Adjust the branch to point as far right as possible
Use the soft rock on the big rock.
The leaves will become charcoal.
Take the charcoal.

Use the flowers on the rock:
Red at the top and bottom
Blue second from top
Yellow third from top.

Use the charcoal to paint the pictures as describe by the crow.  Use the charcoal on a color until the picture is correct:
Water waves at the top, then fire, moon, and eye at the bottom
If correct, the trap will be gone.

Go to the traps and watch the animation.

Follow Amber.

Take the branch
Go back to the cliff
Use the cane-with-a-rope on the camp.  You will get some underwear.

Go to the traps.
Use the branch on the big rock.
Use the underwear on the branch.
Throw the small rock.

Go back to the cliff

Take the banana from the dog.

Go to the traps.
Use the banana on the platform rock.  You might be standing on it, so move away first.
The monkey will come for the banana.

The monkey will ask a riddle you need to answer.

1. I know what happened... History
2. I can refresh you without getting wet.  The wind.
3. I can follow you... The shadow.
4. I gou out at night showing part of my face... The moon.

When you answered correctly, you will get a coconut from the monkey.
Shoot the coconut with the underpants-on-the-branch.
Watch some love words...

Amber will get shot... To be continued!

Well done on solving The Ballad of Ketinetto part 8.  I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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