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Escape the Crashing Plane Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough solution that will help you solve Escape the Crashing Plane.
You can play this point-and-click room-escape game here.  This is episode 5 in the serier.
If you are stuck, then this guide will help you to get safely off the falling plane.  If you need more help or better explanations, please use the comment section below.  This is a medium difficult logic escape game.

You start your escpae from your seat in the airplane.
You need to escape before the altitude gets too low!  Hurry!

Take the Minstrel magazine from the pocket in front of your seat.  Read the Air Minstrel magazine and turn to the logic math puzzle.  You need to find the number for row 3, colomum 3.

It took me a couple of minutes to find the pattern!
Start with Column 1 of each row.   To get to Column 2, you need to multiply all the digits.  E.g. 122646 = 1 x 2 x 2 x 6 x 4 x 6 = 576 (Column 2).  Now multiply 5 x 7 x 6 = 210 (Column 3).  So the missing value will be 3 x 8 x 4 = 96.

Go left.

Open the cupboard and take the coat hanger.

Go left.

Take the loaf of stale bread and the extra peanut butter from the trolley.
Click on the stale bread.  It will remove a slice.
Zoom in on the packet of the bread to see the number 45.

Open the bottom cupboard of the trolley and take the key.

Go left and left.

Take the knife from the seat.
Tale the oxygen mask.
Click on the oxygen mask to get the rubber tubing.

Put the peanut butter on the bread:  Select the peanut butter, then the knife, then the bread.
Click the bread again to make 2 peanut butter balls.  (If this does not work, then first go left and then click the bread again).

Click the hanger to bend it into a catapult.  Select it again and click the band to complete the slingshot.

Go right to the emergency exit door.

Open the top cupboard to see the snake guarding a box.

Select the slingshot.
Add a piece of bread.

Select the loaded slingshot.
Shoot at the snake.

Repeat with the other piece of bread.

Now the snake will sail away.

Use the small key to unlock the box.
Take the night vision goggles from the box.

Go right and right.
Switch off the light.

Go up.
Use the night vision goggles.

You will see a number.  Note:  This number will change every time you play.  My number is 38 but your number can be different!

Go down.
Switch on the light.
Remove the night vision goggles.

Go right and right again.

Click on the keypad.

The first number is the number from the bread packet:  45.  (Select 4 then 5 then hit the enter button)
The second number is the maths puzzle solution.  96
The third number is the code you saw with the goggles:  38 for me, will be a different number for you.

Go out.
Now the cockpit door will be open.

The plane will almost fall and then you press the auto pilot button just in time!

Watch the animation.
Well done on escaping the crasing plane!

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