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Sneak Thief Second Strike Walkthrough

Full step by step walkthrough solution to help you solve Sneak Thief 2.  This is the second episode in the series.  Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike is a windows based point-and-click adventure room escape game.  This guide will help you escape if you are stuck.  Help en detailed explanations are provided.  If you need more help, then use the comment section below.  You can play Sneak Thief 2 here.

Watch the intro to see how the thief got teleported away and falls into the water.  He is now inside a submarine and need to escape.

You start the escape in a room that looks like part of the kitchen or grocery store.

Take the bottle from the crate next to the veggies.
Take the straw from the cool drink bottle on the floor and another straw from the between the crates.

Go right.

Take the red wetsuit.
Take 2 straws.
Take a key card from the book on the shelf.  While you are zoomed into the shelf, take the straw.

Go right.

Take 2 straws.
Take the old Halloween mask.
Take the pacifier from the top drawer.
Take the pot from the oven.

Go right.

Zoom in on the fish bowl.
Use the mask to scare the fish.
Take the frightened blowfish.

Take the machine button from the sink.  There is a straw (no 8) next to the sink.

Go right.  Back where you started.

Use the 8 straws on the pacifier to make a pacifier on a tube.
Use the pacifier tube on the pot to make an underwater helmet.
Use the bottle on the blowfish to make a presurised air bottle.
Add the bottle to the pacifier tube helmet.
Add the wetsuit to the contraption.
Now you have scuba gear!

Go right.

Zoom in on the monitor on the wall.
Add the machine button.
Press the button

Take another key card.

Go left.
Zoom in on the door.
Insert the keykards, one on each side.
Open the door.

Take the blueprint.

Open the big hatch and enter.

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough solution for  Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike.

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