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Escape the Cursed Island Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough solution to help you escape from the cursed island... alive!  If you are stuck, then this step by step guide will help you get off the island.  This is episode 4 of the series.  You can play this game here.  If you need more help or detailed explanations, then comment below.

Watch the animation.

You are chained in a secret location under the volcano.
You get a note...

"Welcome to the Minstrel Initiative, my irritating little subject.  There's no use running this time, as you;re on Curse Island hundreds of miles from land.  While you're here though, I have a task for you.  See that computer over there?  It connect to the island's volcano, which I've been experimenting on for some time.  You're now part of that experiment.  Let's see how long my runaway subject can last entering codes into the volcano's computer.  Miss one, and it will explode!  Hahaha! - Dr Minstrel"

Take the half-of-a-map from the wall.

Go left, left, left.

Take the mask.

Go left.

Take the bones that keeps the flower upright.

Go left to the computer.
Look up.
Place the mask in the center.

Take the animal.  Some rhino/elephant thing to the right of the mask.
Look at it.

You will see the number 1 on it.
Enter the computer and use this animal.
You will win some time.

Take the coconut to the left of the keyboard.
Look at the coconut then add the bones.  Now you can carry water.

Go left to the opening

Scoop some water with the coconut
Go left to the tiki fires.

Kill the correct tiki fires to display the map.  If you made a mistake, go get more water as you can only kill 2 fires.

Take the map.
Notice the second animal:

Horse = #2.  (When you need to enter number 2, you first enter #1 again, then #2).

Combine the 2 parts of the map.
Read it:

Notice the order of the statues.
Build them, then get number 3.  Hint: You add them in the order as you read the map from top to bottom.

Enter #3 code (remember first #1, then #2, then #3)

Now the computer will break and you can get a key!

Go to your chain and look down at your feet.

Unlock using the key.

Go to the opening

and exit...

You will escape by plane...
Well done on a great escape!

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