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House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough solution for the windows point-and-click room escape game House of Fear Revenge.  A step-by-step guide with screen prints and detailed explanations to the puzzles.  If you need more help, then use the comment section below.   You can play House Of Fears Revenge here.
This is a rather difficult escape game and could keep you busy for a couple of hours!

You start the adventure outside of the House Of Fears... in the snow.

Look at the old sign at the bottom right.  You will see the Roman Numerals II IV VII (2 4 7)

Go to the door on the left.

Pick up the axe.
Pick up the note.

If you read the note you will see on the map the location of the key... Looks like it is at the sign you saw on the previous screen.

Go back to the front of the house.
In your inventory, select the axe.
Use the axe on the sign to smash it.

Pick up the key and the shell.

Go back to the left door.
Use the key to unlock the door.
Open the door and enter.

Pick up the razor blade laying on the steps.
Enter the door downstairs.

Pick up the pliers on the floor.

Enter the opening on the right.

Take the gas bottle with the number 22.
Cut the chain on the ladder using the pliers.
Take the ladder.

Open the safe using the combination from the sign - 2 4 7

Take the roll of tape inside the open safe.
Use the razor blade on the biology doll on the shelf.  Take the key from it.

Go out.

Use the ladder under the trapdoor where you could not reach the top ladder.
Climb up.

Take the shotgun from on top of the fireplace.
In your inventory, combine the shotgun with the shotgun shell.

Take the hook on the wall, just right of the painting.

Go forward to the books.

Take the candlestick in the center.

Go back.
Go right.

Use the shotgun to get rid of the skeleton.

Take the VHS and a book from the bookshelf.
Read the book and notice how to make a fire:  Use tinder plus wood then make a spark using the hook on the rock.

Go out.
Go down.
Go out.
Go out.
You are now outside in the snow.
Go back to the front of the house.
Enter the front door.
Enter the room and notice you have made a full circle.  You are back where you shot the skeleton with the door on the right the front door.

Go forward and climb down.
Use the key to unlock the door.
Enter the door.

Use the gas bottle to freeze the zombie.
Tap the zombie to shatter him.
Get some tinder (hay) in the left corner.
Take the chair.

Exit the room.
Climb up.
Zoom in on the fire place.
Place the tinder (hay)

Dismantle the chair.  You will get wood and a piece of metal.
Place the wood on the tinder.

Exit the fireplace.
Use the piece of metal to pick the lock of the door on the left.

Take the note from under the couch.
Take the light bulb from the light.

Insert the VHS in the player.
Zoom in on the screen.
Zoom in on the broken cable.
Use the duct tape to fix.

Open the door of the cupboard.
Take the rock inside.
Push the lever inside.

Exit the cupboard.
Click on the screen top right to exit the room.

Go out and enter the fireplace.

Combine the rock with the hook.
Use the hook+rock on the tinder to light the fire.

Use the candlestick on the fire to light it.

Go forward to the books.
Place the lit candlestick on its holder.

Take the gear/cog on the shelf.
Take the scroll.
Take a book.

Read the scroll to get the code 14582437.
Take the candlestick.

Go to the safe where you inserted the VHS.
Open with the code 14582437

Get the key and clock.

Go out and up.

Go left.  If this is closed, then go back to the VHS player and raise the lever.

You need to get rid of the hyina...
Go up on the very left side.

Take another gear.
Take another shell.
Take the corssbow.

Go down back to the hyina.
Load the shell in the shotgun.
Use the shotgun to "remove" the hyina.

Turn on the candle on the left wall.
Notice the small writing to the righ of the candle.

A = 1, G = 7, etc.

Zoom in on the clock on the right wall.
Take the pin from the clock.
Notice the time on the clock: 10:10
Open he drawer under the clock with the code 10 10.
Take the gear, hammer and arrow.

Go forward through the curtains.

Take the knife from the wall.
Zoom in on the clock.
Insert the 3 gears.

Smash the pot next to the fireplace with the hammer.
Take the key.
Look at the sign on the fireplace:

It shows the order of the rubies:
Top = gold.  Right = green.  Left = red. Bottom = pink.

Open the door on the left.
Fix the pentagon puzzle.  The red dots goes top to bottom
Attach the pin from the clock to the key.
Use the pentagon key to open the door.


Use the knife to kill the creature.
Remove its mask and take a orange ruby.


Load the arrow into the crossbow.

Go out.
Go fetch the ladder.

Place the ladder under this trapdoor.
Climb up.

Shoot the ghost with the crossbow.

Look at the numbers on the wall on the right. You will see 80 20 50.
The 50 is at the bottom...
Open the earth globe with the code 50 80 20
Take the green ruby.

Look at the markings on the drawer:
Top row:     01101
Bottom row: 10100

Climb down

Lift the corner of the carpet to get to a secret safe.
Open the safe.  A = 1, G = 7, etc.
You get a skeleton from the safe.

Go through the curtains.
Enter the door under the place where you installed the gears.

Dismantle the candles stick to get a signle candlestick and 2 candles.
Light up the room by putting the 2 candles in the candlesticks on the floor.

Enter the wall.

Break the bricks on the right on the X.
Enter to the right.

Go right.

Take the book from the chair.
Read the book.

Go back through the wall.

Go to the fireplace.
Throw the skull into the fireplace.  This will remove the lady ghost.

Go back to where you go the book.
The ghost will be gone.

Open the door with the key.
Get the pink ruby.

Exit back through the wall.
Exit right through the curtains.
Notice the wall is open:


Take the sword. Take the bottle next to the chair.
Insert the globe and switch on the light:

You will see the code HOUSE.  To spell this with digits will be 401153 upside down so the code is

Open the safe with the code 351104
Take the gold ruby.

Go out.
Take the ladder.

Go back to TV where you placed the VHS.
Enter and fill the bottle with water.

Go through the wall. where you go to the other dimension.
Kill the fire in the fireplace using the bottle with water.

Enter the fireplace.

Take the cross.

Zoom out and go right.
Place the ladder and enter the trapdoor.

Use the cross to remove the ghost.

Zoom in on the chest on the table.
Set the blocks as per the clue from the drawer:

Top row:     01101
Bottom row: 10100
Where 1 = dark.

The chest will open.  Take the wire from the chest.
Combine the wire to the clock.

Climb down.
Go back to the fireplace and enter

Place the 4 rubies in the holes.
Ignore that the head faces to the left.
Gold top, green right, pink bottom, red on the left.

Take the book from the open safe.

Go right.
Zoom in on the bookcase.

Insert the new book you found.
Press the book and the bookcase will move away.

go up.
take the lantern.

Go down and down again.

Use the sword to get rid of the ghost.

Pick up the staff from the floor.
Place the staff in the hole on the table.  This will go down and make an opening.

Climb down.
Place the lantern on the ground.

Remove the cloth from the mirror.

Climb through the mirror.

Take the big hammer.
Smash open the wall with the big hammer.
Place the wired clock on the dinamite.

Get out of the house quick!!!

Well done on a great escape!
Revenge is complete!